December 2020

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Galion Primary ROAR

The Galion Primary ROAR program is off to a great start. The students get to participate in several fun and educational activities centered around Literacy, Math, Writing, and STEM each week. The students are very dedicated to the program and show up each day ready to work and learn. They are there early in the morning and stay after school without complaining. The staff has also spent a lot of time dedicated to preparing lessons to help all of the students succeed. All of the ROAR staff members are very proud of the students for the hard work and dedication they have put in thus far. We have several spots available for qualifying primary students wanting to join. If interested, please contact the primary building.
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Galion Intermediate ROAR

Our TEAM ROAR has been up and running for over a month. Students have an opportunity to come in at 7:00 am to 8:00 am and after school from 2:45 pm. to 5:00 pm. Students are receiving ELA and Math interventions plus working on Moby Max for help with Math & ELA as well. In the afternoon, students receive assistance with their Wednesday take home packets as well. We are excited about this opportunity to help our students grow!!
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Galion Middle School ROAR

The ROAR program at GMS is off and running with good participation and a variety of activities and supports for our students. We offer support and tutoring in specifically Math and English Language Arts. Additionally, we have a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) course, game times. 8th grader Emmalee Short says "I like that I can get help with my ELA, and I like to make new friends." 8th grader Zeke Manuel says "It is helping me a lot with some extra help in small groups"

Our students are also getting a little taste of robotics with Sphero robots. Our ROAR program is also using a program called Moby Max to help determine any learning gaps and help students fill in those areas for growth. 6th grader Kloe Parker's impression of ROAR is: "They make it fun with all the different courses. ROAR is fun because it helps me get my grades up and understand my homework. All afternoon students receive a snack from our fantastic food service department. 6th grader Alexis Grillo says "The snacks are good and the classes are fun." We have several GMS staff members with expertise in their content who are making this time exciting and engaging for students. 6th grader Kayla Halbisen says: "I like how we can do different things, not regular school things!"

Through some great partnerships, we have extra speakers present at ROAR. We welcome members from the Marion/Crawford Prevention Programs to work with students on making great personal choices and planning for their future. We have also partnered with the North Central State Success Center for giving students supports for their future. 6th grader Kenzi Halbisen says "We are going to build an ornament in STEAM. And I like it when we have guest speakers."

In many ways, our ROAR program is working with our staff and community resources to help set our students up for success. We still have some spots available for GMS students. If you are interested in your child participating, please contact the school office.