Finn the Human

Adventure Time

Character Analysis

The character i chose for character analysis is Finn the human. Finn the human is 13 years old and was adopted by Jake's mom and dad when he was a baby. Jake told Finn that he was born from a cabbage.

Finn physical trait is strong because he is strong .He can beat tough opponent twice has size of him.

first of all Finn's personality trait is Heroic because he does heroic things like saving the princess and other people. Next is Energetic Finn is energetic he is always looking for a quest and always ready to help his friends. 3rd one is Nice because Finn is always happy to see people having fun and if they need assistance to make them feel good. 4th one is Brave, Finn is brave and has defeated Snowman that Ice king send to get the video. fifth personality trait is Curious, Finn was really curious to see what was ice kings secret evil plans were in TV. The next personality trait is Clever because he was clever to spy on Ice king to see what is going on in Marceline's house. The last personality trait is Creative Finn wants to be creative so he can teach Goliad easy and he will be able to understand.

Finn was happy to save marceline but was very disappointed with ash because he was cheating her , also gets angry with Ash and kicks him.

Finn was not happy to see Ice king being mean to Cherry princess in the video and later beat the Snowman's, who Ice king sent to take the videos from him. Late he was feeling sorrow for Ice king that how he felt being alone.

Finn was really feeling bad because he saw Ice king with Marceline in her house.

Finn spied on Ice king to see what is going on.

Finn and Jake were happy to teach Goliad to how to rule a kingdom. Finn and Jake sad for not teaching Goliad proper things for Princess Bubblegum. Princess Bubblegum saved Finn and Jake life from Goliad. Snormo it's technically Finn's son he saved Finn's life from Goliad.

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Adventure Time - Memory of a Memory "Dancing Baby Finn" (HQ)
Marceline went back in time and she notice Finn as a baby living in his old House