My love for writing

Madison Hubbell

Due: Wednesday, June 1st

Course: Creative Writing

Instructor: Penley

Table of contents

  1. Journal Entries (5)
  2. Writer's Observations (5)
  3. StorySLAM (1)
  4. Poetry (5)
  5. Flash Fiction (2)
  6. Short Story (1)
  7. Screenplay (1)
  8. Extra Piece (1)
  9. Revision of _____
  10. Course Reflection

Journal Entries


Run. Just keep running. Try to get away from her. My heart is pounding in my chest and my legs are burning and sore. I see the finish line in the distance and I push myself forward and run faster. My breathing is heavy. I fell the sweat sliding down my neck, arms, back and for forehead. I hear my name being called out by the guys on my cross country team. I start sprinting faster until I reach the finish line. I did it again. I crossed the finish line in first place. My time is 6 minutes. I beat my recorded from last week. I gain my air back while I walk back to where my team is. I see them cheering, along with my mom and my boyfriend. I see someone next to my mom talking to her. I know what my future holds.

Grounder 2

I love visiting my friends and family

I love going on dates with Ryan

I love hanging out with my friends at school

I love spending time with my mom and brother

I love writing stories

I love reading books by my favorite author

I love listening to my favorite music

I love chocolate

I love visiting new places

I love being different

Grounder 3 Clock

Fast or slow no one knows

Slow as a snail or fast as a rabbit

It watches, it laughs, and torments us

Late or early it makes us

Hands turn one way, everyday

Tick Tick

Grounder 4

Micheal ate sticky ice cream.

Malted chocolate with sea salt.

Melts down his mouth like ice

memories of eating ice cream with his

mom appear. He smiled and cried

Writers Observations

Friday, March 20, 2016 12:30 pm

Still havent heard from my dad. He's been gone since Thanksgiving. I dont know whats going on for him not to talk to me but its ticking me off because this is the second time he left my bro and I. I guess I just got let go

Saturday April 30, 2016 8:00

This is the most beautiful night. Everyone is happy and looks either gorgeous or handsome. There are really beautiful dresses. My first prom for OHS is amazing. I cant wait to do this next year.

Monday April 18, 2016 12:00

This whole week is gonna be the death of me since its a busy week since its a busy week with play stuff and work. I cant wait till prom.

Tuesday April 19, 2016

Last night was the worst night in history. A guy I thought was my friend with told me the truth about how he never cared about me. I knew the guy for 4 years. i couldnt stop crying all night and im hurting today.

Thursday April 21, 2016

Wish I didnt sign up for the catering job tonight because im missing the opening night for the play. It really stinks

Story Slam

I hated learning to ride a bike. It was the worst thing ever. I tried but I always kept falling off and hurting myself in the process so I gave up. I guess the whole reason I gave up was because I didn't have balance, but I also blame it on how short I was compared to everyone else. I couldn't reach the petals so it was super difficult for me. I was messed with about how I couldn't ride a bike which hurt because I wanted to be able to ride with my friends but I couldn't. I eventually learned but not by my parents or friends. I learned all by myself.

I think I was about 8 years old when I finally learned and accomplished riding a bike. My brother was in cub scouts and they decided to go on a camping trip at Staunton River State Park in Virginia. So we had packed everything we needed for that weekend including our bikes. At first I wanted nothing to do with that stupid bike but after watching the other boys riding around over and over the area where we camped I was urged to get on the bike and ride but I was unsteady so I turned away from the boys and decided to read the book I brought with with me. “Honey why dont u join the other girls” or “Maybe someone can help you learn to ride a bike” was all my mom would say to me. I shook my head and continued reading until one afternoon a father of one of the boys came over to me and asked if he could help me. I sighed, put the book down, smiled and said “fine.”

He told me about how I need to keep my balance on both sides or something like that and when I’m ready to just pedal forward. What help he was because I fell on my left side with the bike on top of me. You could ask me if I cried but my answer would be no because honestly I felt the urge to do it again, so I got back up and got back on and I almost really rode a bike until I fell again. Now I was frustrated because all I wanted to do was actually ride a bike and feel the wind against my face in the process. So I tried again and again and again. I kept falling off the bike or crashing into the stop sign or just jumping off the seat from behind before my bike flew into the woods and I had to go get it afterwards.

The only thing in my mind that I kept thinking was keep go. You can do this Madison. You will learn to ride a bike before this camping trip was over. I told that to myself often. I remember how happy and excited I was when I stayed and rode the bike all the way to the camp site. My mom had this shocked look on her face and the other parents starting clapping since they knew I was having a hard time and all I could think was I did it. I learned how to ride a bike all by myself. I was so brave enough to even go down the really steep hill near the campsite and I was filled with adrenaline and it did feel good when the wind blew on my face and in my hair. I rode everywhere when everyone else walked. I felt free as my legs pumped hard and then I just had that moment when I stood up a little bit from my seat and held out my hands and let the breeze flow around me.

I could have given up the first time but I was brave enough to try because I didnt want to be a failure.


Pink, purple, red ponies dancing.

Unicorn's are flying and prancing.

The sky was alight with all their piethara of colors.

They played happily, unaware of others.

They'd be wrestling if they had brothers.

With manes that shimmer and hooves that thunder

Ever dancing, never stopping,

to the beautiful, soft shadow music.

Dancing and prancing without a care in the world.

Singing and laughing,

with no sense of pain.

What a wonderful dream this could be.

Flash Fiction

I'm a very protective dad and I hate seeing my daughter leave me on one of those things called dates. I love to dress up as the scenery around me so I wouldn't be found and so far it’s worked. I’ve been a trash can (don't ask.), a clown, a spy and my favorite a swan. I'm a very creative dad when it comes to protecting my baby girl. The swan was one of my best disguises since it looked pretty real. I found the swan costume at a thrift shop that I went to after work to buy a new pair of pants for work and BOOM it was right in front of me staring. So I bought it and used it as a cover and so far its working. OH CRAP! I think they have found out. I must go. Till the next mission. Good Luck soldiers. Bye.

Short Story

I couldn't help myself but stare at her from the other side of the bar. She wasn't like the other girls here actually trying to get to my buddys attention. Yeah the girls were gorgeous and all but seeing that girl wearing a black shirt and sweatpants made me get out of my chair and walk straight over to her. She was beautiful and looked friendly. I stopped at her table and waited for her to look up from her book that she was reading and when she did, she looked up uninterested.

“Can I help you?” She asked me and I nodded. But what did I want. Her name and her number and maybe a date. “Hi. I wanted to come over here and tell you how beautiful you are. I couldn't stop thinking about you.” The girl closed her book and glared at me.. “What’s your problem? What is it with guys always fooling around with girls making them feel bad about themselves. Why don't you go talk to my sister Lexi. She’s over there in the blue shirt.” Ouch. That stung. She opened her book again and started reading. I looked over and spotted her sister. They looked exactly alike. “What's your name?” I asked the girl reading the book. She didn't look up from the book to tell me. “Its Lilly Jones. What's yours? Actually don't tell me. Why won't you leave me alone.?” Lilly asked now looking up from her book. She looked really annoyed. “Because you're beautiful. Your hard to read. You seem lonely over here too.” I sat down in the seat in front of her and looked at the book she was reading. Its was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Interesting. “Is the book good? I've seen two of his movies and both of them made me cry. I saw her look at me with a raised eyebrow and roll her eyes. “The only reason i'm here is to watch my sister. To make sure she won't do anything stupid. Why don't you go and make someone else look stupid. I know what you guys do at bars. My sister got pregnant once because of guys at bars..’ She got out of her seat and picked up her book and left the bar, What was I supposed to do. Follow her or do what she's been telling me to do. Leave her alone.

My buddy Alex came over to me and patted me on the back. “Go after her dude. This is your one shot to be with a girl. I’ll take care of her sister.” I thanked Alex and made my way outside. I found her sitting on the bench reading her book. I plopped down next to her and looked up at the darkened sky. It was filled with stars. “What do you want? What will it take to for you to leave me alone?” I ran my hand through my hair and took a shaky breath. “Go on a date with me. You can choose.” I looked over at her and saw her looking at me. “Why? Why do u want me?” It wasn't a hard question to answer. She was different than other girls. They made it easy and I hated that. I wanted a challenge and this girl...Lilly made that happen. I liked that. “Because you're beautiful and you make it hard to want you. I like having a challenge.” I smiled and I saw her smile back. She took out her phone and asked for my number and I gave it to her. A minute later my phone beeped. “Now you have phone number.” I need to get my sister and take her home before she does something stupid. I nod and walk with her back inside the bar. I watched as she told her sister Lexi it was time to go and Lexi nodded and told my friend she had to go and he gave her his number.

“I guess we'll talk later. Thanks for not being a jerk.” She smiled and then kissed my cheek and then she left. I stood there shocked at what had just happened. Alex came over and put his arm around my shoulder. “Good job dude. You're finally a man.” I laughed and then headed to the bar to get me a Corona light beer.

The next day I woke up with a major headache and cussed at how bright the sun was shining in my eyes. Last night's events came crashing back to me and I smiled when I remember getting Lilly’s number. Oh crap I never texted her last night. I reached for my phone and opened up her contact and texted her “Good Morning.” I'm pretty sure she's not awake yet but I sent her the text anyways. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and took a shower.

When i got done I found something to wear and my phone went beep. I went over to it and opened up my phone and saw Lily's name pop up on my screen. “Morning. Is that how you always text the girls you met at the bar. Lol i'm just kidding with you. I'm not much of a morning person but it was really sweet of you to text me this morning.” I smiled and put on a pair of blue boxers and jeans with a black shirt. “Are you busy this morning?” I texted her back. I wanted to see her again. Last night was the best night in a long time. Another beep came in. “Nope. Just laying in bed. You didn't need to know that.” I chuckled and texted her “Do you wanna meet up for breakfast? I don't have to go in for work until later.” I sent her the message and brushed my teeth and my hair. A minute later there was another beep. I typed in my password and I smiled when I saw what she wrote. “Yes. Where do u wanna meet up? I have to drop my sister off at her classes for school so how about meeting at the coffee shop near the bar from last night.” I chuckled and texted her back saying that was fine with me. We said goodbye and grabbed my car keys and locked my front door. I walked over to my car and got in. I put in the directions for the coffee shop and started the car. I took a deep breath and drove away.

Extra Piece Summer Love

Summer Love

“Hello summer and goodbye school. Time for summer tans, boys, partying and lots of fun.” Lexi said as she threw all her textbooks and school papers into the trashcan and then sat down on my bed. I did the same with my stuff and set my bookbag down on the floor next to Lexi’s and sat in my chair.

“So what should we do? I head Raven was having a party at her beach house and you know how cute the guys are when it comes to the beach.” I said to Lexi smiling. I got out of my chair and headed to my closet and looked for a summer outfit for me and Lexi to wear. Lexi sighed sadly and got off the bed. “Honestly I really just wanna stay here with you and watch a movie. Raven pissed me off after I found out Jack cheated on me with her. I dont wanna go anywhere near her or him.” Lexi stood in front on the mirror and started crying. I stopped looking for something to wear and hugged her tightly. I had forgotten all about that. It happened a month ago right after prom. Jack had left with Lexi and took her home and left then two hours later Lexi pulled up to his house and she saw Ravens car in the driveway. She went up to his house and peeked through his house and saw him kissing her. She came to my house and told me what had happened and I confronted her the whole night and at school she went right up to him and slapped him hard in front of him and said it was over. She was devastated after it and she hates how much she still loves him but I keep telling her that she’ll find some other guy that would make her so much happier but she keeps saying she only wants Jack.

“Alright what movie are we gonna rent this time? It’s your turn to pick the movie.” Lexi nodded and wiped her eyes and went on netflix on my laptop. I went into the kitchen and made some popcorn for the both of us and got us some mountain dew then headed back to my room right as the movie started...I was so excited to see Despicable Me 2 playing and I hopped on my bed next to Lexi handing her the mountain dew and popcorn.

After two hours the movie ended and my side hurt from laughing at the funny parts. I threw away the soda can and got us two more and got some more popcorn. We watched about five movies by the time we fell asleep and woke up the next morning with the tv still on. I got out of bed and walked over Lexi making sure I didn't wake her up as I headed to the bathroom. Lexi and I have never stayed up as long as we did last night but I guess that didn't matter because we didn't have to worry about school until the summer is over which will be in three months. After leaving the bathroom I headed downstairs and I saw that my mom was up making pancakes and favorite. She always makes pancakes and bacon when Lexi comes over since it’s her favorite thing to eat for breakfast. I went up to my mom and hugged her then kissed her on the cheek.

“Morning mom.” I said stealing a piece of bacon. “Morning sweetie. Is Lexi up yet? I got up extra early so I could make more pancakes then I usually because you both complain like I don't feed u at all. I laughed and shook my head and went back to my room and saw Lexi was still sleeping so I went over and nudged her awake and told her that my mom made pancakes and bacon for breakfast which jolted her wide awake and she put on her sweatpants from yesterday and pulled me down stairs by the arm…

“Smell good Gabbie. Did u make more than last time because it seems like there's more than last time I was here.” She grabbed a plate and piled on four pancakes with ten pieces of bacon, thats my Lexi.

After breakfast Lexi and I went to the boardwalk to shop for some new bathing suits. It was the tradition we made when we were six and it stuck. I was really fun because after we found the one bathing suit that looked good on the both of us we headed down to the beach and laid down on our towels and getting a tan. “What about this one? I looks really cute. You think guys would think I’m hot in this bathing suit?” Lexi asked me as she went into one of the changing rooms. “Lexi you're already hot. You’d get a guy in seconds if you came out of the changing room.” I told her. I went into the changing room next to her and tried on this white bikini with bright pink

Screen Play- The girl in the Bar

Scene one

Fade in:

EXT. Chuggin Monkey - night

A group of friends hit the bar at 9:00 at night for a bro night. It's a cool crisp night in downtown hillsborough.


Man I can't wait to see April again. I haven't heard from her for three weeks, so it's a possibility that she might be here tonight with her girl friends. Hey Tom, we're glad you came along. April has some smoking hot girl friends. Wait till you meet Crissy.


(sighs with annoyance)

I’m only here because you guys dragged me. All I wanted was to watch football. I can drink all I want without paying for my drinks. As for the girls I can watch the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.


(rolls his eyes at Tom)

Dude you need to get out of that house. You’re always coped up in there ever sinc-


(snaps at Scott)

Dont you dare say her name Scott! Keep her name out of her mouth! I could leave if I wanted to but im not. (throws his hands in the air) Im going in.

Tom stomps away into the bar and his friends roll their eyes chuckling and then walk in after they composed themselves.

Scene two


Charles! *runs up to him and hugs him tightly* I’m so sorry about not contacting you. I’ve just been busy with school and work. Its taking up my time with you. *smiles smiles*


Its okay. I completely understand. You go to Almanac community college right? *she nodded her head* What are you there for?


I’m there for a culinary arts degree. I wanna open up my own restaurant when I graduate. I’ve always dreamt of making food for famous people.



We’ll when you open up the restaurant, I’ll be your first and regular customer. Oh I’d like you to meet a friend of ours. He’s not been out much. He needs to get himself hooked up with one of your friends.


*looks over at the bar*

Is he the one sitting at the bar drinking a Corona Light beer. *she sees Charles nod* I’ve already meet him. He’s not very friendly. I tried to talk to him but he’s not very interested. What’s his deal anyways?


*looks over at Tom*

His wife cheated on him with his boss. They were married for two years. He’s stilling getting over the divorce. I'm not sure he’ll ever find love in a women ever again.


*starts smiling and chuckles a little*

Wait till he meets Cassie He’ll stop moping around once he see’s her. No guy can resist her. I mean except you. *kisses Charles cheek* Oh look here she comes.

Cut to Tom:


*takes a giant gulp of my beer and asks for another one*

Why did they bring me here. If they're trying to set me up with their friends then they’re a bunch of idiots. Im still not over Jessica even though I should be because she cheated on me. I loved her. She was the first girl I loved and I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with her but she proved me wrong when I caught her and my boss at our, house in our bed. I wasn't angry at first because started crying and then every time she tried to apologize I got mad because she was supposed to be mine. I slapped her because I was so furious and then I told her to leave and she did. I quit my job because I didn't want to deal with my boss. I was glad that we finally divorced because I didn't have to worry about seeing her ever again. I still loved her even though I tried to deny it. *I turned around in my chair to look for the bathroom when I saw the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. She was twice as beautiful as Lexi. She had long, wavy blonde hair, light green eyes, natural style lips, freckles on her nose and cheeks. She wore a plain white shirt with a gray hoodie along with black pants. She wore light blue converse shoes. She had a book sitting down next to her on the table while she ate. She was beautiful. I got up from my seat and started walking towards her. I looked over at my buddies and saw them give me a confused look but I looked away. When I was finally in front of her I realised that she was indeed beautiful. “Hi. Can I sit here?” I smiles and waited for her response.


*glared at Tom*

Only if u want to be pepper sprayed. Now leave me alone. *I picked up my book and started reading*


I stayed where I was. I had to try harder. She seems like my type of girl anyways.

At least tell me your name. It’ll bug me all night if I don't know it.


Who is this guy? Can he not take a hint that i'm just not interested.

If I tell you will you leave me alone? I don't associate well with guys like you. You’re all the same. Only wanting one thing that I will never give.


What is this girls problem. She’s tough to crack but I will find out before the end of the night.

I can't promise to leave you alone. And my buddies over there never told me to come over here btw. I came on my own because you're beautiful and quite interesting. You're different.


Is this guy for real? I don't know what to think.

Its Lily Jones. What else do u want to know. My breast size?


I had to laugh. That was the funny really. I just meet the girl and she thinks I want to know her breast size. I realize I'm probably not the only guy to talk her. Maybe that's why she’s acting this way. I stop laughing and look at her. Why would someone take advantage of her. If I had her I would take care of her everyday. Woah where did that all come from.

I’m Tom Lincoln. I dont know what gave you the idea really to think that I would ask such things. I was only dragged him by my friends because of...oh nevermind. I need to step outside before I pass out.

I left the spot I was standing at and exited the bar.

Scene Three

Cut to outside of the bar. It's dark and sprinkling a little. Dogs are barking and cars are driving fast past the bar.


I sat down on a bench under a lampost and took out a jounral that I got from Jessica for a wedding present. It was a navy blue and black. I opened it up and wrote everything that happened in there. I didnt start writing in it until after I found out she cheated on me and my theripst told me to just write everything down so I did.


Hey, are you okay?


I closed the journal and looked up at Lily. She looked worried and actually interested. I didnt feel like telling her but I felt like I could trust her so I did tell her.

My wife cheated on me with my boss. I found out when I came home one night. After her I gave up on love after that and quit my job and made her leave. I stopped hanging out with my friends and drank a lot. My friends thought I needed to stop moping and get out. I was dragged her tonight thinking I wouldnt find a girl I would like but I did. I found you. sounds pretty crazy. I dont blame you if you think im insane and stupid.


I smile and sit down next to him

I didn't mean to be such a bitch in there. I thought you only were looking for sex but I was so wrong and im so sorry. You seem like a sweet guy and I'd like to get to know u better. Let me see you phone real quick.



I take out my phone and hand it to her. I watch her do whatever she is doing and then she hands it back to me.


Now you have my number so you can call me later. I need to go. I hope to see you again Tom. I kiss him cheek and then leave.


I smiled for the first time in a while and went home myself. I didnt tell my friends about me leaving because I didnt feel like it. Lily was my begininning of something amazing.

Revision of short story

I didn't wanna be here right now. This was stupid. I’d rather be at home watching football and drinking until I passed out drunk. My friends decided I needed to get out of the house and actually live my life. Watching my friends flirt with these girls make my stomach queasy and not in a good way. I turned away and when I did my eyes spotted her. She was wearing a gray t-shirt and black sweatpants. Her hair was in a messy bun and she wants wearing any make up. She was reading a book. This girl suddenly got my attention. I stood up and walked over to her.

“Hey? Um are you waiting for someone?” I asked nervously. She didn't look up from her book as she spoke. “No i'm not and i'm not planning on to either.” Whats this chicks deal? I've got to find out. “Oh. Do you mind if I take a seat?” I asked. She sighed and set down her book and looked straight at me. Woah her eyes are a beautiful baby blue. “What is ur problem? Guys like you disgust me. Always asking me for a drink or trying to take me back to their place. I’m not dealing with that. Now please leave me alone. “ She said really annoyed. This girl was hard to crack and it made me want to know her. I sat down in the chair in front of her and drank my beer. “What's your name?” I asked her curiously. “If I tell you will you leave me alone?” She glared at me with intense eyes. She didn't frighten me. She only got me more interested. “Nope. I want to know your story.” I smiled and not those fake smiles This girl actually got me smiling after what happened. Gosh damn. “Thought so. Lily Jones. I’m only here because i’m watching my sister to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. My mom would kill me if she got hurt again. Why am I telling u this. I don't know you. I need some air.” Lily stood up, picked up her book and walked out of the bar. I sat there for a minute or two thinking about what I should do.

I decided to follow her out. I walked out of the bar and saw her sitting on a bench under a street lamp. She was beautiful. Her short, wavy brown hair shined in the light and she looked so focused reading that book of hers. I almost wanted to leave her and go back into the bar but I didn't because I walked over to her and sat down next to her. “Have you been told that you're beautiful. I'm not kidding either .” I saw a blush form on her face but she made it disappear in seconds. She was so difficult. “Yes, but not the way you think. They’re complete assholes. Why do you care so much about trying to actually talk to me? What's your story?” Lily asked me. I ran my hands through my hair nervously. I thought I wouldn't ever have to bring my divorce up with anyone but I felt like I could trust her. “My wife cheated on me with my boss. We got divorced a month ago. Haven't been the same since but when I talk to you I feel like myself again. My buddies brought me here tonight because I was such a reck. I didnt plan on talking to anyone until I saw you. Im not like my buddies. Im sorry that I made you think I was.” I looked at her and saw a guilty look in her eyes. “Im sorry I judged you so harshly. Maybe we could talk again sometime but I gotta get my sister home. Its getting late.” She took off a piece of paper from her bookmark and wrote her number on it. “Thanks for actually wanting to talk. It was nice.” She walked passed me and left me outside alone to my thoughts. Maybe she’s my new beginning. I couldn't stop smiling. I left the bar with Lily on my mind and a smile, a real smile plastered on my face and walked home. A new beginning I like that.

Course Reflection

  1. What did you learn about yourself as a writer this semester? I found out that im a really good writer and that I do better with stories where I can put lots for detail into it

  2. What was your favorite reading of the semester? Why? My favorite reading was the short storys because we could write what we wanted even though we had to write it with so many words

  3. What plans do you have for your writing career? I want to actually want to be a writer like my favorite author

  4. Where do you find your inspiration to write? In my favorite author Sarah Dessen. She inspired me to write.