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Weekly Updates Nov. 16 - 27, 2015

Martin's Musings

Last week in faculty I shared how your work with standards and purposeful planning was being used as an example for the district. I have been thinking about the work we are doing with standards based grading, project based learning, self-paced learning; all leading to personalized learning for our students. I want to share that this work is hard but so important. Stick with it. Keep asking questions. Keep tweaking when there is a set back. Keep learning and think about the progress will make in getting to the vision of "Inspired Learning, Leading and Living."

Last week Dr. Neihof shared the following: "Engaging others in the process of change requires persistence in order to overcome the inevitable challenges – to keep on going despite setbacks – but it also involves adaptation and problem-solving through being flexible enough to incorporate new ideas into strategizing.

He goes on to say ... The concept that captures persistence and flexibility is ‘resilience’. Because change processes are complex, difficult and frustrating it requires pushing ahead without being rigid; regrouping despite setbacks; and not being discouraged when progress is slow.

I think is it so pertinent to our work. Keep be resilient.

Schoology - Coming to Tuesday's Faculty Meeting!

Food for Thought

This week I found a few articles and/or videos interesting; all in support of our work. The topics and links are below. Choose one and read. They aren't very long (unless you keep digging with active links like I do :-) )

Formative Assessment - http://www.edutopia.org/discussion/10-fun-filled-formative-assessment-ideas

Assessment in PBL - http://www.edutopia.org/blog/supporting-ells-in-pbl-projects-andrew-miller

And, this last on is about supporting our arts program. Always looking for strategies can incorporate into our core classes.

Arts Integration -- This one took a few minutes due to the nature of the active links taking you to different resources. http://www.edutopia.org/arts-integration-resources

Calendars (Through Thanksgiving Break)


Martin - Thursday (11/19) attending KLA in Frankfort; Out of office 11/25 - 11/27

Hale - Out of office (11/25 - 11/27)

Wilt - Ouf of office 11/26 - 11/27)

Jury - ARC Chair Mtg. Friday (11/20) 9 - 11 @CO; Out of office 11/25 - 11/27

Gift - Out with TSI 11/17 - 11/120; Out of office 11/25 - 11/27

East Events - Nov. 15- 24

Nov. 16 - 20

Monday - Team Meetings (6/7 grade) Room 908 - Ms. Jury leading

  • Boys Basketball vs. Spencer Away
  • Girls Basketball vs. West - Away

Tuesday - Faculty Meeting

  • Boys Basketball vs. West @ HOME @ 5:30 --- SCHS

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday - 8th grade trip to JFA Finance Park

Nov. 23 - 27

Monday -

  • Boys vs Bondurant @ HOME 5:30

Tuesday -

  • Boys. Vs. Oldham @ HOME 5:30
  • Girls vs. South Oldham AWAY
Wednesday - School Closed

Thursday - School Closed

Friday - School Closed