By: Ethan Wallenmaier

Braces are helpful for your teeth. Now who invented braces well I know who his name is Pierre Fauchard. He was born in 1678. Pierre Fauchard wasn't married. He joined the French Royal Navy in 1693 at the age 15. Pierre Fauchard was born in Saint-Denis-de-Gastines. In 1723 at the age 45 he completed the first 600-page manuscript for "Le Chirurgien Dentiste". Pierre Fauchard invented braces in 1800. Pierre Fauchard died in March 22 1761. If you didn't know braces were made out of durable mixture of stainless steel, nickel and various other metals in small amounts. Now why braces were invented. Braces were invented because of constant mild pressure in the direction of desired movement will allow for an overall change in the tooth position. As pressure is applied to the periodontal ligament which holds the tooth in place. The body will automatically create room in the desired new location while also filling the space where the teeth used to be located. Braces are still used today. Now how braces changed since original design. Many Roman tombs were opened up by archaeologists only to discover that some teeth of the deceased had a small gold wire known as a ligature wire that was used to affix the arch wire to the bracket. The wire was bound to the teeth in an effort to force the teeth to move and close off noticeable gaps. Braces can help you and they will always will.
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1678-March 22 1761

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