Principal's Weekly

Dr. Beth N. Choquette

Bridge Street School

2 Parsons Street

Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

413-587-1460 (phone) 413-587-1474 (fax)

Dr. Beth N. Choquette, Principal

Elizabeth Peterson, Administrative Assistant

Jordan Celino, Secretary

Nora DeJasu, Head Teacher

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Bridge Street School Vision and Mission Statements

It is the vision of Bridge Street School to promote educational excellence and equity for ALL students. Promoting educational excellence and equity will prepare and motivate students to be engaged learners and critical thinkers who strive for high academic achievement, listen to all perspectives, value the multicultural and diverse world we live in, and actively participate in eliminating racial and social injustices so that all people are able to reach their full potential.

Bridge Street School’s faculty and staff, caregivers, and community are committed to providing educational excellence and equity to its students by challenging the injustices that create barriers to high academic achievement, to access and opportunities to learn, to high-quality teaching and learning, and to a climate of belonging. This commitment to educational equity, where all children are successful regardless of their personal, social, or cultural contexts, is at the core of our practices, structures, and policies.

A Message from Principal Choquette

Good morning, I hope you all had a wonderful few days to enjoy with your family and friends. I wasn't expecting to have snow on the ground this weekend, but it sure is pretty. The first snow always is. I'm and sending this bright and early today because I am driving my son back to school in Boston today.

Tuesday the second session of Liftoff Learning Program (LLP) will begin. All students who were in the first session received a letter last week informing them if they still qualify for the program or if they were dismissed. If you child did not bring home the letter, please let me know and I can tell you if they are still in the program. The program runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:10-3:30 p.m.

As stated last week, I will begin working with our 3rd and 5th graders on "how to be in school" and "how to be a member of a school community." We will be doing a "reset" and spending time up to the December break to work going back to the basics, understanding our school-wide expectations, allowing everyone to have a voice during circles and to talk in a respectful way about what it truly means to be a member of our BSS community. Your support at home will also be helpful, talking with your children about kindness and taking care of each other will be key in rebuilding relationships.

Students in 3rd through 5th grade will no longer being outside under the tents. Students will be in the cafeteria, wearing masks at all times except when eating or drinking. Students may only talk with masks on and may not get out of their seats unless they need to use the restroom.

I hope you all enjoy your week, and as always, if you need me for anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We appreciate your support and are grateful for all of you.

Important Dates

November 30th: Liftoff Learning Resumes 2:10-3:30 p.m.

December 1st: Kindergarten Information Night (2022-2023) via zoom 5:30-6:30 p.m. (See flyer below)

December 2nd: Picture Retake Day

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PTO Save The Date

  • Tuesday, December 14 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, January 11 at 6:00 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, February 8 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, March 8 at 6:00 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 12 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 10at 6:00 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 14 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting
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New Curriculum Newsletter from Karen Albano

Welcome to our first volume of the NPS Elementary Curriculum Corner!I In this monthly newsletter, we will share curriculum news, offer a view into a different grade levels and curriculum, and share the many reasons we are grateful for the amazing NPS educators and all of the joy and learning taking place among the wonderful students in our schools!

Newsletter Link:


Free COVID-19 Vaccine for children ages 5-11

Free COVID-19 Vaccine for children ages 5-11!

No insurance needed.

Appointments are open for all children at all sites regardless of which school they attend.

To make appointments and find more information:

Or go to and click on Vaccine Clinics

Elks Lodge, Florence, MA

17 Spring Street

Mondays in November: 4-6pm

Thursdays in November: 3-6pm

Additional clinics are being planned in the downtown neighborhood that will be accessible on foot or bus to make vaccine access equitable across families’ transportation needs and healthcare status. Vaccine is also available at several local pediatrics offices.

  • The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved for 5-11 year olds will be given.

  • A second dose must be at least 21 days after the first dose. You will be able to make the appointment for your child’s second dose at any of the above sites as soon as your child receives their first dose.

  • One caregiver should plan to be with their child for their vaccination.

  • These specific clinics are by appointment to accommodate the needs of children and for safe distancing in the vaccination area.

  • This is the same vaccine that is available also at local pediatrics offices.

Please note: The Pfizer vaccine approved for ages 12+ will NOT be available at these clinics. Booster shots will NOT be available at these clinics.

¡Vacuna de COVID-19 gratis para los niños de 5 a 11 años!

No se necesita seguro.

Las citas están abiertas para todos los niños en todos los sitios, independientemente de la escuela a la que asistan.
Para hacer una cita y hallar más información:

O vaya a: y pulse en Clínicas de Vacunación

Logia Elks, Florence, MA

17 Spring Street

Lunes en Noviembre: 4-6 p.m.

Jueves en Noviembre: 3-6 p.m.

Se están planificando clínicas adicionales en el centro de la ciudad a las cuales podrá llegar a pie o en autobús para que el acceso a las vacunas sea equitativo para las necesidades de transporte de las familias y el estado de la atención médica. La vacuna también está disponible en varias oficinas de pediatría locales.

  • Se administrará la vacuna Pfizer-BioNTech aprobada para los niños de 5 a 11 años.

  • La segunda dosis tiene que ser por lo menos 21 días después de la primera dosis. Usted podrá programar la cita para la segunda dosis de su hijo/a en cualquiera de los sitios anteriores tan pronto como su hijo/a reciba su primera dosis.

  • Un cuidador debe planear estar con su niño/a para su vacunación.

  • Estas clínicas específicas son con cita previa para atender las necesidades de los niños y mantener un distanciamiento seguro en el área de vacunación.

  • Esta es la misma vacuna que también está disponible en las oficinas de pediatría locales.

Favor de tener en cuenta: La vacuna de Pfizer aprobada para los mayores de 12 años NO estará disponible en estas clínicas. Las vacunas de refuerzo NO estarán disponibles en estas clínicas

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