How to use the lattice method

by Ria

lattice method

Do you know how to do the lattice method? well join me and you will be able to solve lots of multiplication questions in a second, as this is a extremely good method to work with.


-your brain


1. First, get your sums, mine is 42 and 35 and set it up as shown below.
2. Now draw diagonal lines in each square.
3. After you did that, x 3 and 2 which equals 6 , so put the six in the first row, first box in the bottom right corner,and put a 0 in the top left corner so its not confusing. Now do the same thing in the second box, first row, so x 3 and 4 which equals 12, so put the 2 in the first row second square bottom right corner and the 1 in the top left corner. Do the same to the second row.

5. add it diagonally like this,
so first you have to add the 0 to nothing so it would be 0,
then you add 6 and 1 and 0 which is 7,
now you add 0 , 2 and 2 which is 4 ,
lastly you add 1 by it self so its 1
which adds up to 1470
here we go , didn't take long now, did it? now you will be able to solve multiplication problems so quickly, i bet your teacher would be surprised thinking if you used a calculator.