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Acton Weekly Update: 8/11/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

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Nuts and Bolts

I saw this quote today and felt that it was awesome.

I'm big on trying to always be on time if not early. I want PLC's and PD's, grade level meetings, duty assignments, case conferences or whatever other appointments you may have. It's a courtesy and sign of respect to those around you. I've also asked Krissy to start making a "reminder" announcement at 8:33 each day to help us make it to our morning duties on time. If you are in a PD/ PLC or other conference this is your ticket to get up and leave so that you are not late to your duty. It is imperative we are all on time for the safety of our students.

Curriculum and Instruction

Student Objectives: All classrooms should have kid friendly objectives posted. These should be visible to all students in the classroom. Objectives are NOT a "to do" list or an agenda item. These should be stated at the beginning of every lesson with a formative type of assessment at the end of the lesson to ensure understanding and help drive instruction for the following day. Your objective for the lesson should be assessed quickly at the beginning and end of every lesson. These assessments are quick and easy. Brainstorm with your teammates lists of pre/post assessments you can do throughout your days. Think quick check for understanding!

Smekins from Matt!

Amazing Acton Teachers,

I hope your week has started off well. I want to remind you about the positive impact having a growing, working 6 Traits display in your room can have. This display would grow as we progress throughout the year. It would start small as you introduce each trait. As you teach new skills, your display would grow. Tagging each skill to a trait and displaying it on your board will increase student awareness of what you've taught them.

Here is a link for ideas and ways to incorporate this into your classroom. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be more than happy to answer them.



PD/PLC Calendar

DIBELS BOY Assessment IA Coverage will be August 16th, 17th and 21st.

SO this has changed since our last conversation. Since there will no longer be DIBELS AD (the starred reports) it is no longer necessary to do the SWAT team approach for BOY and EOY DIBELS assessments. The DIBELS window opens on Monday, August 14th and closes September 1st. With that being said, you can start your DIBELS benchmark assessments on YOUR OWN students at anytime. However, we will still provide each classroom with coverage by an IA as advertised on the previous schedule. Please plan to use that time to wrap up any DIBELS assessments that you've not been able to complete so that we can input data and begin analysis as soon as possible. As you know, many of our curricular decisions revolve around this data.

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Reaching ALL Learners

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Tuesday PD will be Katie and Tech Team reviewing Lab vs. Chromebook usage.

Nadine's Lesson Schedule

Flash Focus Schedule

What's Coming Up

Monday will be our first emergency drill for the year. We will conduct all drills, beginning at 10:00 AM. (newly rescheduled date)

8/14/17-9/1/17 BOY DIBELS begin (see schedule)

8/15/17 Stem Scouts to present at lunch

8/16/17 Stem Scouts information night

8/18/17 All Staff cookout for lunches

8/18/17 All Pro Dads in LGI 7:45 AM

8/25/17 Midterm ends

8/25/17 September Field Trip reservations due

8/30/17 School Picture Day- LGI

8/30/17 Midterm grades posted for parents on IC