Joseph Welchert

5 Themes Of Meography

Location - Absolute = Specific, Relative = Approximate

Absolute: 45.6092° N, 94.4517° W

Relative: Avon is in Minnesota, and it is around six and a half miles south-east from Albany Minnesota.

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Place - An area that is defined by everything in it.

Five Physical Features of My House: Small Sapling in the backyard around a steep hill, a rain garden, plants around the edge of the driveway, a fairly large lawn, and a mulch triangle with plants in the back.

Five Human Features of My House: Light Blue in color with white tints, a big window near the front door, a decently sized backyard, A large white garage door with four windows, and a sliding glass back door.

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Human Environmental Interaction - How people adapt to, modify, and depend on the environment.

How I Adapt to the Environment: It really depends on the tempreture, like if it's cold or hot. Usually when it's warm, I'll wear no hoodie, or shorts. If it's cold however, I'll bundle up.

How I Modify My Environment: I mow the lawn when it has to be mowed, I also try to rake up leaves in the fall (Good thing I already did that this year!).

How I Depend On My Environment: I depend the environment for growing crops and food (As everyone SHOULD.).


Transportation: My family gets around in motor vehicles, we have four cars now (Don't let the photo trick you, that was from 2008, when we actually HAD a van.)!

Goods: I only know where a few of our products are from unfortunately. I do know that lots of them are probably from China.

Communication: We usually talk on the phone or use other devices (Like Skype for example.)


These are all of the places I've visited before!

Region - Area defined by certain characteristics. Unification.

Physical Trait of the Midwest: The forests of Minnesota.

Human Trait of the Midwest: The Highways Near Said Forests.

Unification of Both Traits: The Highways Not Only Provide A View of the Forests, They Don't Hurt the Forests Either!

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Minnesota Highway Near Forest