Wilson's Creek 5th Grade News

May 13 - May 21


5/14-15 I-Ready Testing

5/16 6th grade field trip to MSU

5/17 5th grade field trip to MSU

5/20 Recognition Assembly

5/21 Field Day

A Note from the PTA

We need PTA officers for next year: President, treasurer and secretary. Commitment time is 2-3 hours a month. Please contact Rachel West at rachdolis@yahoo.com

We really need to get this accomplished in the next couple weeks! Please help support your students!


The Wilson's Creek Concert Choir earned the highest possible rating of a 1-Superior at the Fair Grove festival this weekend. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment in bringing your students to rehearsals. The Choir has been working very hard and this recognition is well deserved. We are very proud of all of all our singers.

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Notes from the Nurse

All medications that have been left in the Health Office will need to be picked before the last day of school. All medications NOT picked up will be discarded on May 21st, 2019.

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Summer Fun with Explore

Make your summer learning plans at sps.org/explore


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Wilson’s Creek Hygiene Drive

Our school is proud to announce that we are beginning a hygiene drive to collect supplies for students in need in the Springfield community. We are collecting the following items:

· Toothbrushes

· Toothpaste

· Shampoo

· Soap (bar soap or body wash)

· Deodorant

· Completed gallon-sized Ziploc bags with 1 of each of the above item included

· Cash/gift cards to purchase these items

We will be collecting these items in tubs in the front lobby through Friday, May 10. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Every Friday is Spirit Day! Students are encouraged to wear school spirit wear (Wilson’s Creek, any school in our feeder pattern, or any college) to show pride in their school. Also, every Friday is Hat Friday. Students may wear hats for a $1 donation to our Student Council.

Student Council will have Spirit Swag for sale every Friday morning in the gym. See the attached flyers if you are interested in ordering. Please email Mr. Kennedy (jdkennedy@spsmail.org) if you have any questions or would like to submit an order form.


Steam Club will be meeting on Tuesdays after school from 3:30 – 4:30 each week in room 128. The club will be geared toward those students who enjoy Science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Last day for STEAM Club will be Tuesday, the 14th. Thank you for a great year!

Mrs. Ellis - emellis@spsmail.org



Continue to read 20 minutes each day for enhancing vocabulary.


Students will continue working on their cartooning unit.


YES, your learner does have homework each night! Your learner should read 20 minutes every night. Research shows that those that read a lot are better writers! Reading is just like a sport...it takes practice!

In addition, students will have Lexia minutes or Reading Plus lessons to complete each week. The amount of time varies per student based on their reading proficiency and effort made while working in these programs. Lessons begin Monday morning and are due Sunday evening. Grades are taken over these reading requirements.


Math Lessons: We will get ready for the end of the year i-Ready testing by doing an overview of various standards learned. We will test on Wednesday. Please check your child's Canvas page for more specific details.

Keep working on those multiplication facts!!! Time is of the essence!!!! We will continue to use our multiplication skills as we begin to convert measurements, finding the area and volume of figures. Basic multiplication fact RECALL is a HUGE part of being successful. This is the best gift you can give your child, so work on memorizing 5 problems that they do not know each night. Before you know it, they will have all the fact up to 12 x 12 mastered!

Dreambox Goal/Homework: Our 4th quarter goal is a minimum of 8 lessons and 80 minutes per week in Dreambox to learn. The weeks start on Sunday morning and goes to Saturday night. Please be aware that this minimum will not progress students to their full potential, so the more lessons students can achieve, the better they will do. Dreambox is a program that will take your child's understanding and build on his or her knowledge.


We will be participating in fun science experiments as we finish the year.


You are invited to visit the Art work on display at Wilson's Creek Battlefield. It will be on display until the afternoon of May 20th.


5th grade artists will be learning about the definition of abstract art and creating a 3D sculpture. They will be challenged to begin the process with sketching out a 2D plan using geometric and organic shapes. Their plan will come to life using corrugated cardboard and tempera paint.

Note From the Nurse

All medications that have been left in the Health Office will need to be picked before the last day of school. All medications NOT picked up will be discarded on May 21st, 2019.


Thank you for a great year!


5th grade classes are working on learning how to read music and learning different notes. Almost all students have already received their White Belt which means they know how to play two different notes. New notes will be added as students advance in rank.

We will be continuing recorder after Winter Break as well.

If you are in need of a quality recorder, I recommend purchasing a recorder from one of our local music stores such as Palen Music, Springfield Music or Hoover Music. Prices will range from $7 to $10. I do not recommend the plastic recorders from the dollar store as the quality of the instrument is very poor.

The Wilson’s Creek Concert Choir will be accepting new singers for two weeks when school starts back in January. Any student interested in joining choir should get an enrollment packet from Mr. Parker.


End of the Year Orchestra Schedule

Tues., May 7 – Play ‘Star Wars’ & request your favorites

Thurs., May 9 – Teach a friend to play your instrument. You have learned so much! Now share it!

Tues., May 14 – Final Class: Clean our instruments

Thank you for a wonderful year of fifth grade orchestra!


Important End of the Year Information:

· ALL LIBRARY ITEMS AND PAYMENT FOR LIBRARY BILLS WERE DUE FRI. MAY 10TH. Failure to return or pay for lost library items by this due date counts as missing work and may result in one or more of the following consequences:

o Students will go to the F.O.C.A.S. Room during school assemblies until items are returned or paid for.

o Students will not be able to participate in the End of the Year field trip or Field Day if they haven’t returned or paid for their library items by the due date for missing work set forth by the teachers.

o Students will only be allowed to check out items from Wilson’s Creek Library in the 2019-2020 school year after their items are returned or paid for. If students attend Cherokee Middle School, the lost item will remain on their account until the item is returned or paid for.

o If a student has a problem or concern in returning the book or paying for it, they should contact Principal Christy.


A Note from the Counselor

Kristin Felton kefelton@spsmail.org

Love and Logic Pearls of Wisdom #24

As soon as the child is able to suffer the consequences, he/she can make the decisions.

LOVE and LOGIC Disciplinary Interventions in the classroom (continued):

Listed by degree of severity.

7. Change the student’s location by asking, “Jeff, would you consider moving over here for a moment?” or “Would you mind waiting here for a minute, and then we can talk?”

8. Statement (the behavior is just misplaced):

“That behavior would be fine on the playground. It just won’t work here.” or “That’s not acceptable here.” or “Save it for later.”

9. Using an “I-message:”

“I get distracted when there is a pencil tapping.” or “It scares me to see you running down the hall. Wait right here for a moment, then you can go.”

10. Teacher sets limits by describing what he/she allows, does or provides, without telling the students what to do about it: “I listen to people who raise their hands.” or “I give credit for all papers that are on my desk by 3:15.” or “I’ll dismiss people as soon as desks are clean.”

11. Provide choices:

“Would you rather work quietly with the group or go to time-out?” or “Would you rather talk this over quietly with me now or after school?”

12. Removing the student from the group to time-out. Student is allowed to return when he/she can live with the limitations of the group or teacher.


Many of our teachers are using the ClassDojo app to monitor student participation, work, and behavior. If your child’s teacher uses this app, please ask them how you can sign up for parent accounts! This is a great way to see how your child is doing at school. Once you create an account, you can:

· See photos and updates about what we are doing in class.

· Click “view report” to see daily or weekly reports on the points your child has earned.


Follow us on Twitter! @WilsonsCreekInt

Blue Team: Mr. Kennedy (@MrJoshuaKennedy) and Ms. Levy (@MsAlisonLevy)

Lion Team: Mrs. Pierce (@katesidsmom), Dr. Albright (@Dr_MAlbright), Mrs. Musil, and Mrs. Cable (@CableGal000)

Silver Team: Mrs. Ellis (@ellenellis) and Mrs. Cederblom (@melcederblom)

Pride Team: Mrs. Kamienski (@skfronczak) and Mrs. Grandon (@tgrandon)

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