Wilson's Creek 5th Grade News

November 11 - November 15


November 11 - Veterans Day Concert performed by 5th Grade students.

November 15 - Picture Retakes

November 15-22 - Canned Food Drive (see Student Council News for more info)

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break

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Dear W.C. Families,

Our Lost and Found is not getting ‘found.’ Please have your child look for their lost items. Any items that are not ‘found’ by next Friday, November 15th will be donated.

Thank you!

Principal Karyn Christy

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Principal's Post

Ms. Ellis’ students are using Google Earth to research and visit several landforms in the 5 regions of the United States

Notes from the Nurse

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Nurse Notes

The Tooth Truck will be coming to Wilson’s Creek soon! Tooth Truck Applications have been sent home with your child. If your

child does not have a regular dentist and qualifies for Free or Reduced lunch, please complete the application and return to the school nurse to see if your child qualifies for FREE dental care. There is also a new online application that you could complete instead at:


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Recess News:

It’s that time of year when cooler weather is upon us. Please remember that all students go outside for recess if the wind chill temperature is above 32° unless it is raining, lightning, snowing, or ice. Students need to wear appropriate outerwear when going outside for recess. They may leave extra mittens/gloves or jackets in their lockers.


Wilson's Creek Canned Food Drive

November 15-22

All donations benefit Home at Last, a program designed to serve veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

For more information, go to https://www.thekitcheninc.org/our-programs/home-at-last/

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  • Continue to read 20 minutes each day for enhancing vocabulary.
  • Students will also be completing their required lessons in Reading Plus or Lexia. These lessons are part of the Reading grade.
  • Students will be listening to a read aloud or starting a literature set with their teachers. Check Canvas for more details.
  • Students will continue to work on our next Writing Warm Up packet #37-#45. Our next quiz will be November 12th.
  • Students will be learning about figurative language and incorporating that into writing poetry.
  • Students will continue to work on letter and journal writing in various ways. This will connect to our PBL Unit in Social Studies.
  • YES, your learner does have homework each night! Your learner should read 20 minutes every night. Research shows that those that read a lot are better writers! Reading is just like a sport...it takes practice!
  • In addition, students will have Lexia minutes or Reading Plus lessons to complete each week. The amount of time varies per student based on their reading proficiency and effort made while working in these programs. Lessons begin Monday morning and are due Sunday evening. Grades are taken over these reading requirements.


This week in math we will continue with Unit 3 - Fraction Multiplication and Division. The last section covers Fraction Division. We will be covering the following lessons:

Lesson 15 – Divide a Whole Number by a Unit Fraction

Lesson 16 – Create and Solve Division Problems

Lesson 17 – How Many in One Group?

Lesson 18- Divide a Unit Fraction by a Whole Number

Lesson 19- Generalize Fraction Division

DreamBox: 5 Lessons and 60 minutes each week.

At home, please begin working on making sure your child is fluent in their multiplication facts up through 12x12. This is a skill that will be so useful in their everyday life. We will use this skill extensively this year with volume, finding equivalent fractions and with division. The more solid a foundation your child has in these basic facts, the easier their harder tasks will be.


Next week we will be learning about ecosystems and food chains/food webs. We will also learn about the different roles animals play in their ecosystem such as predator and prey.


Driving Question: How can we plan for a more sustainable future in the United States?

In the unit “Resource Wars” students will begin by understanding how migration is often affected or triggered by a change in resource availability. This will be connected to the standards of Westward Expansion and the Great Depression to help students understand the concept of scarcity.

Students will research a region of the United States using the 5 Themes of Geography as a model. During their research they will identify important resources and why people would migrate to and from their region..

Once they have gained an understanding of scarcity and resource availability, students will use this knowledge to construct a board game related to resources and the scarcity of resources around the United States.

This unit may also include writing standards related to informational/how-to writing as students begin to write directions for their board game.


5th grade artists are creating landscapes. They are putting their creativity to the test by imagining a landscape of their choice and bring it to life. They will focus on foreground, middle ground and background. 5th grade artists will also use their visual art problem solving skills to make an educated decision about what type of media they will choose.


We will finish our basketball skills unit.



5th grade is less than a month away from our Veterans Day Concert on Monday, November 11th. The performance will be held in the Wilson’s Creek Gym. Times will vary based on teams. If you have a veteran in your family that is able attend, please invite them so we can show our appreciation and gratitude for their service to our country!


The Wilson’s Creek Concert Choir is off to a great start. There are many returning sixth graders and lots of 5th graders who have signed up. It is not too late to join. See Mr. Parker in Room 116 for an information packet. If you have already joined, don’t forget to join our Remind app for choir communications.


Orchestra News:

Everyone received a new music packet that contains a Practice Guide and Checklist. Please check off a box each time you practice the songs at home. We are beginning with “Mary Had A Little Lamb“ which uses the notes D, E, F#, and A.

As a review, students should also be practicing their bow holds and “Monster Mash” using the videos found on the orchestra Canvas page, Berry Rhythms on open strings, and playing pages 4 & 5 in the Essential Elements for Strings method book. These routine activities build a string foundation for making beautiful sounds in the future.

Violins & violas need to bring their own folding music stand to class. Please be sure that your name is clearly marked on your stand and case.Students have begun losing their belongings and it always helps to clear things up if a student’s name is on it! Cellos & basses do not need to bring their music stand from home, but may use one provided.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments our way:





Hey Kids,

The next Chat N Chew Book Club will be, Thursday December 5th, 2019. The 5th grade Chat N Chew book is Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. The 6th grade Chat N Chew book is Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry. All you need to do is read the book and take the quiz found on the Library commons page on CANVAS and pass with at least 7 out of 10 correct:):)

Lets get reading!!!

Mrs. Cederblom

(Mrs. Melson's sub)


A Note from the Counselor

Jill Wilson Jrwilson@spsmail.org

Reasoning with Children

We’ve all watched parents give their children a “good talking to” with little or no positive results. We have also personally experienced times when we lectured our children and saw no positive responses to our words of wisdom. How and when should we speak so our children truly hear us?

The words we use with our children during emotional times are wasted. They are either never heard or are turned against us. We all have difficulty listening during emotional times. It is natural to focus most of our thoughts upon the emotions rather than the words being spoken. As a result, we remember the other person’s anger better than we remember the words. A child at the dinner table who is not eating and who is complaining about the food provides a good example. One parent might handle it by using angry-sounding words like, “Don’t you come to the table with that attitude,” “I’ll really give you something to complain about!” My guess is that the child is thinking a lot about the adult’s anger and little about the wisdom of eating a good meal.

Use Soft words with actions. Another parent might replace these angry words with soft words and action: “I’ll be picking up the food dishes in five minutes. I hope by then you will have eaten all the food you need to hold you over till breakfast.” Nothing is said if the child does not eat. The words are saved for a time when the child will be better able to listen.

It is obvious that the child will be hungry later and say, “I’m hungry. What can I have.”

This wise parent knows that the child will learn more when few words are used: “I bet you are. That’s what happens to me when I miss dinner. I bet you’ll be anxious for breakfast. Don’t worry. We’ll cook a good one.”

This parent chose to save the words for a time when the child was in the thinking state rather than the emotional state. The best time for reason is when both child and adult are happy. This is the time when the best thinking and learning can take place.

Pearl #11

Save the Words for Happy Times

Jim Fay & Foster W. Cline

Math Club

We will have math club on Thursday, October 31th. We are prepairing for our first competition on Saturday, November 23rd. We will be competing at Wanda Gray in the SPS Math Competition. This competition is a Math Counts competition. Last year was the first year and we were very strong! I know this year, the 5th graders at Wilson's Creek will shine once again. Time to drop off your child and pick up for the award ceremony will be coming soon!

Students that will be competing may want to purchase a Texas Instrument TI-30XII S calculator. This calculator can solve problems with fractions, exponents, and many other types of mathematical functions. The students will also be able to use them at the competitions. They run around $15-20 at Walmart or any other store. The kids use these in 6th grade – 8th grade too, so it wouldn’t be a waste of money but an investment. That way the kids get use to how to work the calculators from the get go.

I look forward to working with the kids on Thursdays from 3:30-4:15 pm.

Mrs. Cable



STEAM Club will meet on Tuesday and Thursday in order to prepare for the science Olympiad on November 16 at MSU.


Many of our teachers are using the ClassDojo app to monitor student participation, work, and behavior. If your child’s teacher uses this app, please ask them how you can sign up for parent accounts! This is a great way to see how your child is doing at school. Once you create an account, you can:

· See photos and updates about what we are doing in class.

· Click “view report” to see daily or weekly reports on the points your child has earned.


Follow us on Twitter! @WilsonsCreekInt

Blue Team: Mr. Kennedy (@MrJoshuaKennedy) and Mrs. Pierce (@katesidsmom)

Lion Team: Dr. Albright (@Dr_MAlbright),Mrs. Cederblom (@melcederblom)

Creek Team: Mrs. Cable (@CableGal000) and Ms. Levy (@MsAlisonLevy)

Silver Team: Mrs. Ellis (@ellenellis) and Ms. Fraser (@AndreaFraser123)

Pride Team: Mrs. Kamienski (@skfronczak) and Mrs. Grandon (@tgrandon)

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