Wilson's Creek 5th Grade News

December 17-20, 2018


  • 12/14-12/20 - Holiday Spirit Week
  • 12/18 - Holiday Adopt-a-Family Gifts Due
  • 12/20 - PTA Celebrations
  • 12/20 - Holiday Movie Party
  • 12/20 - End of 2nd Quarter
  • 1/3 - First day of 3rd quarter - classes resume
  • Cold Weather Recess

    It’s that time of year when cooler weather is upon us. Please remember that all students go outside for recess if the wind chill temperature is above 32° unless it is raining, snowing, or ice. Students need to wear appropriate outerwear when going outside for recess. They may leave extra mittens/gloves or jackets in their locker.

    Tooth Truck

    Free Dental Care: Tooth Truck applications have been sent home. If your child does not have a regular dentist and qualifies for Medicaid or free/reduced lunches, please complete the Tooth Truck application and return to the school nurse to be considered for free dental care.


    Congratulations to Our W.C. 5th Grade Math Team who attended the SPS Math Competition!

    Skyler Tisdel, Thomas Daniel, Madison Gong and Chelsea Miller took 1st place in team test.

    Henry Barker took 2nd place in individual event.

    Madison Gong took 1st place in individual event.

    Thomas Daniel took 5th place in individual event.

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    Student Council News:

    Our school has a wonderful opportunity to bless a local family through the Crosslines Holiday Adopt-a-Family program. Please check this live link for the family’s Christmas wish lists. The link is updated as gifts come in, so please check back often to help us avoid duplicate gifts.

    Holiday Adopt-a-Family List

    Holiday Spirit Week!

    Student Council Fundraiser - $1 per day/$3 per week OR donations of candy canes, candy, or drinks for Holiday Movie Party on December 20

    December 14-20

    Friday (12/14) FESTIVE HAT/RED & GREEN DAY

    Monday (12/17) FESTIVE SOCK DAY

    Tuesday (12/18) “FESTIVE” SWEATER DAY

    Wednesday (12/19) FESTIVE PJ/COMFY DAY Optional: Bring stuffed animals for 50 cents each.

    Thursday (12/20) NORTH POLE DAY Teachers dress like Santa Claus/Mrs. Claus. Student Council dresses like reindeer. All other students dress like elves.

    Friday (12/21) NO SCHOOL! WINTER BREAK!

    Every Friday is Spirit Day! Students are encouraged to wear school spirit wear (Wilson’s Creek, any school in our feeder pattern, or any college) to show pride in their school. Also, every Friday is Hat Friday. Students may wear hats for a $1 donation to our Student Council.

    Student Council will have Spirit Swag for sale every Friday morning in the gym. See the attached flyers if you are interested in ordering. Please email Mr. Kennedy (jdkennedy@spsmail.org) if you have any questions or would like to submit an order form.


    Steam Club will be meeting on Tuesdays after school from 3:30 – 4:30 each week in room 128. The club will be geared toward those students who enjoy Science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

    Mrs. Ellis - emellis@spsmail.org

    Math Club

    Math Team Members will be meeting each Thursday from 3:30 to 4:15 pm on the following dates: Oct. 4, Oct. 11, Oct. 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15, Dec. 6, Dec. 13.

    Members may bring a healthy snack and drink to help curve the slump with some lunches being earlier in the day.



    Students will continue to apply comprehension skills as they read. This week, we are finishing the book The Van Gogh Café. Please check your student's Canvas page for additional information regarding this book.

    Students will complete their weekly Lexia or Reading Plus goal.

    Please check each teacher's Canvas page for more detailed lessons or information regarding their reading requirements.


    Some teams are finishing their poetry units this week, and others completed it on December 14. Please check Canvas pages for the team deadline.

    We will review figurative language this week using the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."

    Grammar: We will not have writing warm-ups until school resumes in January.


    YES, your learner does have homework each night! Your learner should read 20 minutes every night. Research shows that those that read a lot are better writers! Reading is just like a sport...it takes practice!

    In addition, students will have Lexia minutes or Reading Plus lessons to complete each week. The amount of time varies per student based on their reading proficiency and effort made while working in these programs. Lessons begin Monday morning and are due Sunday evening. Grades are taken over these reading requirements.


    Math Lessons: This week, we will finish our unit on Multiplying Decimals. The Multiplying Decimals Test is scheduled for the week of December 17th. Please check your child's Canvas page for specific details on days for quizzes, lessons, assignments, and tests. There will be no time for retakes before the end of 2nd quarter. Please encourage your student to stay focused and work hard to learn the content so their best learning can be represented on the final grade for 2nd quarter.



    Ch. 6 Multiplying Decimals Test

    Keep working on those multiplication facts!!! Time is of the essence!!!! We will continue to use our multiplication skills as we begin to convert measurements, finding the area and volume of figures. Basic multiplication fact RECALL is a HUGE part of being successful. This is the best gift you can give your child, so work on memorizing 5 problems that they do not know each night. Before you know it, they will have all the fact up to 12 x 12 mastered!

    Dreambox Goal/Homework: Our second quarter goal is a minimum of 7 lessons and 70 minutes per week in Dreambox to learn. The weeks start on Sunday morning and goes to Saturday night. Please be aware that this minimum will not progress students to their full potential, so the more lessons students can achieve, the better they will do. Dreambox is a program that will take your child's understanding and build on his or her knowledge.


    We will continue our focus on light this week.


    • Sources of light and reflectors and non-reflectors of light.
    • Seasons and how they affect light patterns
    • Appearance of stars

    This unit is much shorter in length than the others. Therefore, our culminating event and final assessment will occur before winter break.

    PBL - Dark Shadows

    Driving Question

    • What is light and how is it absorbed, reflected and refracted?

    Problem Statement

    • How can you protect your most valuable possessions using light?


    There are no social studies assignments the last week of the quarter as we complete our Dark Shadows unit. Please check with your student or check the team Canvas page for testing details, if applicable.


    5th grade artists will be embarking on an art adventure in film making! Creating a stop motion animation is an exciting way to engage students in collaborative learning, careful planning and on the fly problem solving.

    Students animations can be as diverse as their imaginations or it can be tightly knitted to core subject matter. Regardless of the main theme, students will be using many skills and working solo, in pairs, or trios to arrive at a final animation.

    They will shift gears moving back and forth between detailed planning and in-the-moment creative decision making. They will need to utilize their artistic talent, write, use their math skills, oral skills and people skills (how do you to react when someone accidentally sits on your carefully crafted paper rocket or gets a big pink thumb in the picture frame? Take two!


    We will participate in cooperative activities designed to increase our aerobic capacity.


    5th grade classes are working on learning how to read music and learning different notes. Almost all students have already received their White Belt which means they know how to play two different notes. New notes will be added as students advance in rank.

    We will be continuing recorder after Winter Break as well.

    If you are in need of a quality recorder, I recommend purchasing a recorder from one of our local music stores such as Palen Music, Springfield Music or Hoover Music. Prices will range from $7 to $10. I do not recommend the plastic recorders from the dollar store as the quality of the instrument is very poor.

    The Wilson’s Creek Concert Choir will be accepting new singers for two weeks when school starts back in January. Any student interested in joining choir should get an enrollment packet from Mr. Parker.


    · We are continuing to develop bow holds and smooth bowing on open strings by playing the Open String Blues.

    · We are continuing to develop our skills performing the on notes on the D string (D, E, F#, and G) and beginning notes on the A string ( A & B).

    · We are using these notes to play Twinkle Boysenberry Jelly Variation, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down, Jingle Bells, and Good King Wenceslas.

    · Students – Keep checking off those boxes as you work on each song in our second quarter music packet! You can do it! When you have finished your checklist, be sure to turn it in to Mrs. Georgiades!

    Congratulations to the following students who completed their practicing checklist: Charlie Beyer, Madison Gong, Christian McLaughlin, Haylee Redman, and Isaac Swenson. Great job being leaders!

    Thank you,

    Juliana Georgiades



    Library Class

    Students will be playing “Bring Your Own Book” game in class.

    Word of the Week

    This is a new activity in the library! Every week a new word will be posted. Students who find the word in a print dictionary (not online) will win a small prize.

    Chat and Chew Book Club

    Students are invited to join the Chat and Chew book club. Once a month we’ll discuss a 2018-2019 Mark Twain nominated book with a librarian from The Library Center while we eat lunch. Popcorn will be offered as an optional snack. Here’s information about our next meeting:

    What: We’ll be discussing Framed! by James Ponti

    Where: Library Workroom

    When: Thur. Jan. 3rd during lunch

    RSVP: Students should read the book and pass the quiz about the book in the library’s Canvas page before Jan. 3rd in order to attend.

    Follow the library on social media!

    Twitter: @WCreekLibrary

    Instagram: @WCreekLibrary


    Congratulations to the following students who were chosen by their peers at the Most Caring in their homeroom class:

    5th Silver Team

    Mrs. Cederblom & Mrs. Ellis:

    Jaxson H.

    Parker K.

    Avanlea M.

    5th Blue Team

    Ms. Levy & Mr. Kennedy:

    Chloe W.

    Sam M.

    5th Pride Team

    Mrs. Kamienski & Mrs. Grandon:

    Avery C.

    Asher D.

    Henry B.

    Katherine L.

    5th Lions Team

    Mrs. Cable, Mrs. Pierce &

    Dr. Albright:

    Reese B.

    Meghan L.

    Lauren O.


    Many of our teachers are using the ClassDojo app to monitor student participation, work, and behavior. If your child’s teacher uses this app, please ask them how you can sign up for parent accounts! This is a great way to see how your child is doing at school. Once you create an account, you can:

    · See photos and updates about what we are doing in class.

    · Click “view report” do see daily or weekly reports on the points your child has earned.


    Follow us on Twitter! @WilsonsCreekInt

    Blue Team: Mr. Kennedy (@MrJoshuaKennedy) and Ms. Levy (@MsAlisonLevy)

    Lion Team: Mrs. Pierce (@katesidsmom), Dr. Albright (@Dr_MAlbright), Mrs. Musil, and Mrs. Cable (@CableGal000)

    Silver Team: Mrs. Ellis (@ellenellis) and Mrs. Cederblom (@melcederblom)

    Pride Team: Mrs. Kamienski (@skfronczak) and Mrs. Grandon (@tgrandon)

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