PK 4.3 - Weekly Newsletter

Dear parents,

This week was short and fun! We talked about the many ways in which we can take care of our clothes and we even got to experience it by ourselves as we took some clothes from our Dramatic Play area and hand-washed them :D We made predictions and comparisons about the types of soap that we were using and also talked about the reason why we hanged our clothes outside to dry.

We also had some special visitors from all over the world who performed for us in the PAC! (we must say, their clothes were pretty crazy!); and we saw how Mrs. Eleana from the Learning Support Office, turned old jeans into a brand new wristlet with her sewing machine!


Thank you for attending your child’s recent parent teacher conference. We strive for 100% participation because we know how important it is for your child’s success that we work together on their behalf. We work hard to make sure important information is shared and future goals are set. We believe in working as a team and knowing that counting on each other makes a big difference in the life of each child; it helps build consistency, understanding and it creates a relationship that fosters growth for us all.

Each child bring strengths and weaknesses that make them unique and special and as a team we can work together to guide them towards becoming the best person they are meant to be. Our doors are always open to help support you and your child through this journey of continuous learning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Getting ready for INTERNATIONAL DAY!

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Building Berlin's wall!
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1. Remember to send bedding back on Monday!

2. WHITE SHIRTS WANTED! Please make sure you send those by Tuesday so that we can dye them with our fashion designer.

3. OCT 19th: International Day Parade and Celebration at 10am. Your child must wear something that represents his/her nationality.

4. Check out the flyers below! There are lots of events for you to come and enjoy with your children and the rest of the ISP community- you're all invited to join us!

5. OCT 21st: Conscious Discipline Workshop from 7:45-8:45

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