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Learning Disability Quarterly is a peer reviewed, academic journal that includes research-based articles with an applied focus relating to the field of learning disabilities.

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Learning Disability Quarterly (LDQ) publishes high-quality research and scholarship concerning children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities.

Consistent with that purpose, the journal seeks to publish articles with the potential to impact and improve educational outcomes, opportunities, and services.

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Article from LDQ

Understanding and Accessing Standards-Based Mathematics for Students With Mathematics Difficulties

  • Gives background of the issue of improving the math achievement of US students
  • Shift from rote memorization to conceptual understanding, mathematical thinking, reasoning, problem solving
  • CCSS -> smaller number of topics covered in-depth at each grade level
  • active student engagement
  • focus on problem solving
  • making connections within math strands as well as to real-life contexts
  • frequent group work to talk about math with peers
  • use of math tools
  • students approach unknown problems by generating ideas and discussing multiple approaches to solve problem

Approaches for students with SLD:

  • Conceptual scaffolds--hints, prompts, think alouds
  • Metacognitive scaffolds--self-regulate the learning process
  • Procedural Scaffolds--illustrating how to use tools to complete complex tasks
  • Strategic Scaffolds--make learner aware of solution methods


  • provide explicit instruction
  • encourage thinking aloud when solving a problem
  • use visual representations to solve problems
  • provide a range of examples
  • engage in real-world problems