C+I Crown Jewels Update

Let's Finish September Strong!!!

What can you do with 10 days left???

The answer is anything you want to do!!! Everyone has had a very busy last few months, but hopefully, as fall arrives, things are settling into more of a routine. I appreciate you and thank you for putting in the time and hard work to grown your business and not giving up.

Now is the time to kick it into high gear. We have 10 days left in the month. That's 10 days worth of opportunities to build your next paycheck. I know I've said this A LOT, but it's true: What you do NOW, will effect your holiday sales.

Here's a few stats for you to consider: Average Customers shop every 2-3 months, so they will be back during the holidays! VIP hostesses like to host every 2-3 months, so they will be back during the holidays! On average merchandisers sell 2-3x their September sales in November. $500=$1500, $1000=$3000, $3000=$9000.

I urge you to make the most of the next few days. Follow up with friends, family and coworkers. Set up an impromptu Modern Muses pop up in your home. Line up and book your pop ups for October, November and December. Let's make this a September to remember!!!

How would you like a debt free holiday season???

It's totally possible with planning and minimal effort. Last I made $3,000 in commission Sept - Dec by working my business a few days per month!

I know I posted this pic recently but I wanted to use it again to illustrate how booking just one (or two) this month will set you up for a HOLIDAY of success!! I am committed booking one more September Pop-Up. As my new collection pieces have started rolling in (so sad I didn't do overnight shipping this time ) I can see now how well this collection is going to go over!! Who else is going to take this challenge with me?? Book one more for September???

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September Incentives

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Crown Jewels September Sellers:

1) Amanda Franklin $793

2) Ragen Polansky $417

3) Laura Shone $111

4) Samantha Beener $58

Good vibes + high fives to Alicia Bailey + Andrea Ivy who both have pop ups this week!!!

And special shout outs to Kristi Dowell + Amber Homfeld for consistently working their businesses through daily, consistent social media posts. Keep it up, ladies. I guarantee you people are seeing it and it will pay off!

Team Stats:

Are you a numbers cruncher?

Here are our stats for the month. How can YOU help us reach our Crown Jewels Goals?

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Let's work together to make it a September to remember!!!

And don't forget this week's national sales meeting tonight at 8pm EST. Register here.
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PS - Have you seen the October hostess incentive yet??? Start booking now!!!

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Let me help you make the most of your business.

Message me and lets set up a touch base call to brainstorm ideas to make your holiday season amazing!!!