What Is A Gifted Student?!?!

Myths, Facts & Teaching Strategies That Everyone Should Know

A Myth And Stereotype Of A Gifted Student

Students of every type have their own strengths and areas of need, but there are many stereotypes associated specifically with “Gifted” children. One of the most prevalent stereotypes is that gifted students can learn on their own, and that they don't really need the help of a teacher, but did you know....

How Can We Help Gifted Children Achieve? Check Out The Following Teaching Strategies

· Offer differentiated projects and assignments that require inquiry based discovery, and that are geared towards their strengths and interest

· Provide extra time or increase pace of instruction, and provide alternate environments so that gifted children have the time and space to achieve their goals

· Challenge gifted children by increasing expectations and strategizing methods to exceed output

· Identify early on the strengths and needs of gifted children, and tailor learning to accommodate their interest

· Create a physical environment that is exciting, challenging and thought provoking, while also creating a social environment that encourages the gifted student to be creative and involved in their learning process

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