Tech Stuff

Hawthorn Elementary

Thanksgiving Symbaloo

I have a Thanksgiving Symbaloo available. Go to Hawthorn Homepage, Websites for Students, Computer Lab Websites and then click on Thanksgiving Fun Symbaloo.

Laptop Issues

If laptop says low on resources, have student restart.

If laptop says no log on servers, have student restart while hooked up to network cord. Each pod has two cords and the lab has two available.

If laptop has lights on but black screen, have student hold down power button until laptop shuts down..then restart.

After CTRL-ALT-DELETE; laptop should have a log in screen that says "switch user" below it. If it says "Other Credentials" you need to click on it until you get the "switch user" button. It will not let a student log in with "other credentials" in the blue box.

K-4 laptops should be restarted 1-2 times a week. This will help out by clearing out users so that the laptops don't get bogged down. If a laptop has any kind of issues with icons not showing up or no internet, RESTART!! More than likely it just needs to have users cleared out.

Google Apps

In Chrome, you now have access to apps and the store. There are a lot of neat apps and extensions to use in Chrome.

I came across a kids news site called DOGO news. It has several categories including Current Events, Sports, Did You Know, Science and Social Studies. Not only does it have news articles, it also has movie and book reviews. Check it out as an app or at