Global Climate Change

By Molly Mastin

What Is GCC

Global climate change is to much greenhouse gasses filling the atmosphere creating the earth to warm up and screw up the environment.

The Causes Of GCC

-fossil fuels are admitted into the air
  • coal
  • oil
  • natural gasses

- When these burn a chemical called CO2

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Evidence Of GCC

-Global climate change has risen almost double since around 1950

- For centuries, atmospheric carbon dioxide had never been above what it is today.

- Ice cores from Antarctica, Greenland, and tropical mountain glaciers show that the earths respond to Greenhouse gasses are not good

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Consequences Of GCC

- Ocean melting

  • losses all of the ice
  • creates bad habits for some creatures
  • causes sea level to rise

- less fresh water availible

  • Such as Peru
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Actions That Can Help GCC

- Stop admitting so many fossil fuels in the air

  • Congress could enact new laws that cap carbon emissions and require polluters pay for the global warming gases that they produce
  • More businesses could start choosing green energy suppliers
  • Wind and solar energy
  • less driving

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