Great Apps For The Classroom



Rover is a free, educational app browser designed to stream Adobe Flash based content through its systems and then to the ipad. Previously many great programs and sites were not available to those using ipads and other iOS platforms. Now, all sites that use Flash are accessible through an ipad. Check out the Terms of Service.

Many websites that use Adobe Flash have educational value. Sites like Tumbleweed Books, ( an online collection of animated, talking picture books and games or Starfall ( a site containing games and stories to help teach reading are now accessible on mobile learning devices.


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Popplet is a free, online brainstorming tool that allows students to record ideas, concepts, opinions, and facts. They are able organize them visually and create relationships between them. The tool is collaborative in that it allows the student to record their voice so thoughts and opinions can be mapped out along with the information collected. After creating a Popplet, the board can be shared as a URL link. Check out the Terms of Service.

Within an elementary classroom this app allows students to brainstorm ideas through mind maps, timelines, outlines and other collaborative brainstorming methods. Students can use the app to create character or story maps, share research ideas and information.


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Popplet Tutorial - Basics


VocabluarySpellingCity is a free, educational based gaming website and application used by students to build vocabulary, writing, spelling, and language arts skills. The app contains several fun and interactive activities and games that work on spelling skills. Check out the Terms of Service.

Within an elementary classroom this tool is a valuable in helping students learn their spelling words in a fun and interactive way. Teachers can upload class spelling lists within the app and students can practice these sets of words while they are at home or within the classroom. The games are fun, challenging and encourage students to continue to build their spelling vocabulary.


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iPad/iPhone App - VocabularySpellingCity


Kidblog is a free, and simple blogging tool suitable for elementary students. The app is a way for young students to engage in the writing process, learn about blogging and practice in related forums. Students can include images and videos within their posts to use in class discussions or for their personal page. Kidblog is not shared on the public web and allows teachers to monitor and control all publishing activity within the classroom blogging community. Check out the Terms of Service.

Within an elementary classroom this app helps students learn how to effectively communicate with a real audience. It is useful for journaling, as a tool for discussions, a way to display work or as a way to ask questions and share information. It can be used for almost any subject area or topic.


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Teacher's Assistant Pro

Teacher's Assistant Pro is a customizable accessible, organizational app for classroom management. The tool allows teachers to track student actions and behaviors (positive and negative), and communicates this information to others by allowing users to send reports through email, text or phone.

Within a busy elementary classroom it is difficult to keep track of issues and incidents pertaining to students that occurr throughout the day. By using this app, teachers can quickly make note of any behavior and save it for future use. The need to keep track of notes made on paper is eliminated. All information concerning a child, including contact information is accessible from one place.


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Teacher's Assistant Pro for iPad/iPhone Overview (ver 4.1)

Scan QR Code

Scan QR Code is a free, quick and easy app that allows users a way to connect the digital world to the physical world. Using a smartphone or an iPad, a student scans a QR code and instantly connects to a linked website or transmits other forms of digital data.
QR Codes in Elementary

In an elementary classroom, scanning a QR code can take students to websites without typing long URLS. QR codes can be used to help ELL learners by linking to audio files that read the passage to the student. Instead of passively looking at IWB students can scan a QR code and access the content on their own devices and interact with it. Adding QR codes to assignments lend themselves to a variety of engaging and motivating activities. A good website for additional ideas can be found here.


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StoryKit is a free, and intuitive app that allows users to create online stories using various modalities including visual images, drawings, photographs, auditory clips, and written text. Completed projects can be shared publicly through a URL. The app is suitable for all ages and lends itself to be used in different educational settings making it a suitable tool for UDL. This app allows students to demonstrate their leaning creatively and easy incorporates technology into the classroom.

StoryKit can be incorporated into almost any subject areas. It can be used to create stories, summarize topics, create book reports, write interactive reports, create family histories, or as an assessment tool to showcase learning. Here is a great resource for StoryKit.


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Educreations is a free app that transforms an iPad into a recordable interactive whiteboard. Information can be captured in various ways; images can be uploaded, voices recorded, text typed, or documents annotated with digital ink. Lessons and assignments can easily be recorded and shared. Check out the Terms of Service.

The possibilities for uses of this tool, as with an IWB are endless. Within an elementary classroom students can produce a record of their work using audio, images and or text. Students can capture the steps they take during a science experiment, or record their outloud thinking as they simultaneously work through a math problem. Files can be saved and students can view lessons, tutorials and presentations from any mobile device.


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Splashtop is a fast and easy app that allows one to remotely access any applications, and files on a computer from their mobile devices. The app allows teachers to share content from their computer for students to view, and interact with, directly from their mobile device. Check out the Terms of Service.

In an elementary classroom this app aids in creating more interactive lessons. Teachers can use this app to control their smartbaord using their iPad, from any place in the class. One efficient use is that teachers no longer have to call students up to the front to interact with the whiteboard. Time can be saved, and management issues better controlled now that teachers can bring the IWB to the students. Anything done on the ipad through the Splashtop app can be displayed on the IWB for all to see.


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Splashtop Classroom Introduction