Jackson Project

Jackson The Abomination

"Spoils System"

Before Jackson was Elected he promise to give people jobs and so when he was elected he kicked out people who were qualified for the jobs and replaced them with ordinary people.Jackson did this so that he would get more votes, making him elected President

Killing the National Bank

In 1833, Jackson claimed that the government will not be able to use the National Banks anymore.Jackson ignored the court saying it was unconstitutional. Many felt that Jackson was abusing his Presidential power.

Indian Removal Act

The law gave Jackson the power to come to reasoning with the Native tribes. He offered for there removal there Homelands.Even though the Indians had agreed He forced them out to Oklahoma through the "trail of tears."
In this picture it shown Jackson slaying a many headed monster, but unlike most comics this represents something. the monsters represent the branches. so in translation it would be a picture of Jackson fight with the Three branches


This isn't fair!They have no right to move us and our children from our land,we've lived there for a while now and now there just taking it from us.If only the men could fight then we wouldn't have to go, but we were strictly told not to so we could avoid losing other members.SO i guess for now we just keep going towards Oklahoma for now.

~Native Cherokee Women


Now that we are finally getting rid of these natives we can use there land to grow crops.

Yes, they have children but they are of color and we cant have them around our children!This is all for the best...(For us). Who knows they might like Oklahoma better doubt it though.

~White American Soldier