Digital Footprint

By: Jason Rivero

Digital Footprint

Digital footprint is information you share in the internet by social media or anything else that can be traced by someone. So you got to make sure to not post many bad things in the internet because it can be traced no matter what and it can also affect your future in many ways.

Impact on my Future

It's going to be in impact on my future because in case i’m going to apply for a really good job the manager/owner is going to search you up on the internet, so anything you put on the internet can be trace by anyone.


How to keep my digital Footprint positive

I wouldn't use my social media a lot unless I start doing positive things and helping out the community and post those on my Social Media and that would help me a lot in getting a job.

What I learned

I Learned to not post stuff that's going to make you look bad on your Social Media because everyone in the world can see it so post thing that will only make your future great.
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