Christian rock music

Adriana torrez

How did the 1970's rock era influence christian music during the 70's and in today's?

I chose to research this topic because i find it fascinating that the religious music of the 70's was no longer hymns,people playing the piano,or just a choir singing it had significantly changed.


As you may know the 70's was full of music from the 60's rebellious movements,progressive rock,funk and soul,punk rock and new wave music and others genres.However, the 1970's rock music showed greater openness and ideas in religious music such as classical hymnody to christian rock .

1. Larry Norman : Here comes the king

  • He was considered one of the pioneers of christian rock

  • Also was an icon during the Jesus movement until it began to fade

  • The Album he recorded in 1972 is one of the top contemporary christian music albums of all time


Larry Norman - Here Comes The King - [Lyrics]

2.The 77s:Jesus

  • formed in 1978
The 77's - Jesus

3. DeGarmo and key:Rejoice

  • First christian band to have their music video played on mtv
  • formed in 1975
  • one of the most recognized bands in contemporary christian music
Rejoice - DeGarmo & Key

4. Mustard seed faith:sweet Jesus music

  • their name comes from the scripture Mathew 13:31-32
  • played a role in the Jesus movement
mustard seed faith (sweet jesus morning)

5.Mustard seed faith: Happy in jesus

Happy In Jesus - Mustard Seed Faith (HQ)

6. Petra: Creed

  • A christian band formed in 1972

  • Their band name is Greek and it means rock

  • They were the band that started this new movement in christian music

Petra - Creed