Solar System Exploration

Ally Bush

Percival Lowell

Pre 1900

Name and DOB/DOD

Percival Lowell was born on March 13th and died on November 12th.

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Percival Lowell discovered a minor planet orbiting the sun. He discovered this minor planet in 1907 and had named it the Arizona Planet.

Technology used

He had used a telescope when he went to the Arizona planet.


Percival was an author, businessman and a diplomat.

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Post 1900

Name and date

The Mars Rover was launched on the 10th of June and had landed on Mars on the 6th of July.

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The Mars Rover discovered that there is now water on Mars and there might be life on there.


There goals are to find out what the climate is on Mars.

Technology Used

The technology that the mars rover used are mastcam and batteries and othe componenents that dont survive the cold wheather.

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