More Powerful Goverment(Article)

By: Skylar

Are delegates from all 13 states have come together to find a way to improve on fractured union.To better our government we need to modify the Article of Confederation. Our government needs more power to regulate affairs, the power to taxes and regulate and commerce. Without taxes we would need to depend on contributions from other state to pay back debt to other countries that have helped us. Without taxes we would have to rely on other states to contribute money to help to supply what is need for war. The delegate they to put a plan in effect from a more effective government. This would take all the delegates from the 13 states to come together and agree on a systems. There was many worries of weather or not the larger or smaller states try to gain power with this new government. They had to create a system to prevent power from only one person or branch of government. The improvement of our government was a success do to the compromises and dedication from the delegates and there states to make the changes need to guarantee the rights and freedom o the people. In the end this has created a stronger system.