Fox Monthly

April 2018


  • Apr 13 No School
  • Apr 16-20 Book Fair (Volunteers needed!)
  • Apr 16 5th Grade Trip to JA Biztown
  • Apr 17 Kindergarten Orientation (5:15 pm to 6:30 pm)
  • Apr 18 Loteria/Bingo Night (Book Fair)
  • Apr 19 Jump Rope Guy Assembly 9:00 am
  • Apr 19 2nd Grade to OMSI
  • Apr 20 3rd Grade Wax Museum
  • Apr 24 3rd Grade Trip to Jackson Bottom Wetland
  • Apr 26 4th Grade Trip to Tillamook Forestry Center
  • April 27 Spirit Day - Western Theme
  • May 4 "Fox Trot" Jog-a-thon Fundraiser

Letter From the Principal

I certainly hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing Spring Break! I was so happy to see everyone return last Monday.

We are entering the final quarter of the school year and there are a number of activities between now and the end of the year. Please check our website often so you are informed well in advance. I also regularly post updates to Twitter - please follow us @FOESPrincipal.

The week of April 16-20 is especially busy for us! There is the Spring Book Fair, we have Kindergarten Orientation & Dual Language Information nights on Tuesday, and our rescheduled Loteria/BINGO night is scheduled for Wednesday. What a busy week!

SBAC testing season has started! Third through sixth grade participates in this standardized testing from now through the end of May. Sixth grade began last week and we are so pleased to hear from the kids that they are coming to school each day well rested and having eaten a protein rich breakfast. We are maintaining a low stress level for this testing and have explained to kids that we merely expect them to do their best.

We also want to thank our families for making sure our students are here on time every day while we are testing and for putting off doctor’s appointments until after school is out. This helps us meet the timelines for testing for each student and allows students to take the entire test with their classmates.

Thank you for all you do!

PTO/PAC Family Night: Bingo/Loteria! Rescheduled!

Bingo/Loteria Night

April 18th!

This family night has been rescheduled.

Please keep and eye out for more information in the April Newsletter and for flyers in your students back packs.

PTO News

At the April PTO meeting we will have elections for the PTO Board for the 2018/19 school year. We will have 2 open positions at that time that need to be filled: President and Vice-President. Please consider taking these positions if you value having a PTO at your child's school. The PTO cannot function with these 2 positions open. Any scheduling changes for meetings that need to be made can be arranged to fit your schedule.

The Book Fair will need volunteers, please email Tara at if you can help with this event and please include your availability.

For the May Cultural Night: if you are interested in representing the culture of yourself or your children in some manner please try to attend the planning meeting on March 12th or contact Shelley at

Follow us on Facebook: Free Orchards Elementary PTO

Oregon Green School News

Adopt Meatless Mondays

So you love bacon – I get it. But did you know that meat consumption has a worse impact on the environment than almost any other human activity? According to recent studies, American factory farming overuses antibiotics and causes air and water pollution in the vicinity, both of which are detrimental to the environment.

When you quit buying meat (or just buy less), you’re voting against a practice you see as unfit for the environment. An added bonus: Staples like rice and beans are far less expensive than meat, which means savings at the grocery store too.


Counselor's Corner

During the month of April Mrs. Sweatman will be spending a lot of time in classrooms talking about college and career readiness. Having conversations about career choices early in their education will allow students to make connections with their current responsibilities as students and how those responsibilities translate to their future. Along with these conversations, we will have many fun activities including a door decorating contest highlighting different colleges and careers, a spirit week (April 23rd-27th) devoted to college and career awareness, as well as our Friday spirit assembly.

We will also be holding our 3rd annual College and Career Day on April 26th. Every classroom will have a couple of speakers who will present on their college experience or career. This is a great opportunity for students to broaden their awareness of different jobs and careers available to them as they move forward in their education.

Peace Planet News

The Peace Planet will be Rounding up more students in April! In order to provide increased opportunities for students to visit our special laboratory where they can study their own physiological reactions to sensory stimuli, the Peace Planet will be inviting groups of 8 students at a time for sessions on 4 days in April. This will provide double the opportunities that were afforded in March.

Please know that the these are very focused and purposeful 25 minute time slots. The strategies involved are designed to ultimately lead our students toward improving their ability to recognize the need to regulate themselves and increase their mindfulness/attentiveness in class. The dates in April will be Tuesday the 3rd, Thursday the 12th, Tuesday the 17th, and Thursday the 26th.

I am looking forward to seeing lots of our students in April!!!

First Grade News

We are continuing our science unit in light and sound.

Fifth Grade News

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

We have begun our study of economy as we prepare for our field trip to JA Biztown. The field trip will be on April 16th and we will leave the school as soon as role is taken. We are still waiting for some permission slips. Please be sure to have your students to school on time as we are on a tight schedule! This is very exciting!

We are also entering the State Testing window for Language Arts. Please check student planners for dates that we will be testing. Getting a good nights sleep, giving positive encouragement, and just asking students to try their best is all we ask! It is always wonderful to see how much growth our students are making.

Thanks for all you do for our students!

Mr. Kish and Ms. Rider

From the Office

Attendance Hotline


Please call when your child is absent!

Our office staff is very busy in the morning with parents and students who are in the office. Please use the hotline number rather than the school’s regular phone number when your child is absent. Your child’s absence will be noted shortly after the school day begins. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.