GCHS Store Ethics

Kalia Ivery

Honesty within the store

  • Always honestly admit to faults even when you think you may get in trouble.


  • Theft takes away from the store's earnings and is criminal activity.

Keeping the store clean

  • A clean store automatically provides the store with a good image.

Following Rules

  • Don't let your friends peer pressure you into giving products to them for free.

Handling Cash or Checks

  • Any time you deal with money in the store make sure it is stored properly and never left unattended.
  • Know that you are trusted with handling money.

Checking for accuracy

  • If you are unsure of a price be sure to ask about it so you are not causing the store to lose a profit.

Treat the store materials with care

  • Never should you bang on a cash register because it is not doing what you want, instead ask the teacher to help you find a solution to the problem.

Take the job seriously

  • If you clown around while in the store more than likely you will mess something up so prevent that by doing the opposite.

Treat co workers with respect

  • Know that you are not the only employee in the store and that everyone is just as important as anyone else.

Appreciate the fact that you are in the program

  • Act as if you are grateful to be in the store because you were chosen against others to be in the program.