How to paint a Whale or a Seal

If you are reading this, you were absent the day we painted

Do this first:

--Supplies: pencils, 12X18 paper, pencils erasers, visuals of orcas and seals, black paint, small brushes

  1. Make a thumbnail sketch of an orca or harbor seal. Use the step-by-step example below.
  2. When you are happy with that, sketch it on to large 12X18 white paper. Draw lightly.
  3. Paint the BLACK parts of the whale (or seal)
  4. Tips: Do not paint the whiskers of the seal, we will add those later with a smaller brush.
  5. Make sure your name is on it.

View the examples below:

Big image
Big image

Today's painting will be part of a larger composition. We will paint the water/background later.

Big image

Product/Performance Objective 1:

Plan and organize for creating art.