Emma: A Writer

Reflections of a 11-year old writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I'm a writer who loves to write about funny pet and family moments. I love to be inspired by anything you will throw at me. I love to write about unrealistic things where crazy things happen.

A Memorable Experience

I remember I was writing a fiction story about a tough princess during writing class. I had had so much fun with it and loved it, I though it was great. I took it to my teacher and she told me that is was not a good plot and she thought it was not well written. But I saved it in by binder even after I wrote something new because I liked it and my parents loved it, so I learned some people may not like what you write but if you do than it doesn't matter.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • To finish at least 2 pieces of writing
  • To try to write a non-fiction piece
  • To write a mini biography

About Me

I love my pets. I have 2 cats, a chinchilla and my brother has a fish. I love to swing and run. I run as a sport, I am not on any sports team I just go for runs every other day and do at least one race a month. I am very silly and love to play and joke around.