THe Diary of Anne Frank

Edith Frank

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short Biography

Edith Frank was a Jewish wife and a mother of two daughters. She was married to Otto Frank and her daughters names were Margot Frank and Anne Frank. She was 42 years old when they went into hiding and 44 years when she died.


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First Theme

One theme for the Diary of Anne Frank is sometimes life isn't fair. The Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel went through plenty of rough times. Anne tried to stay happy and positive for example when she talking with Peter she said “ We're not the only people who have to suffer.” (page 431) She understands life isn’t easy and there not the only people who are having to go through rough patches. Also when Peter is getting mad and she tells him “ There've always people who have to… sometimes one race… sometimes another...yet.” (page 431) she’s trying to tell him we're not the only people who have had to suffer from religion to ethnicity and other pointless things. Anne understands life isn’t fair; she stays positive and it show that by staying together you can get through hard times together.

Second Theme

Staying together is when you're the strongest and positive, is one themes in the Diary of Anne Frank. For instance when Mr. Frank says “For two years we have lived here by side respecting each other.” (page 425) If they didn't fight, it made it easier to kept living in the annex without getting caught. Also by not fighting they were a lot more quiet, which increased their time hiding in the annex. When Anne say “ I have presents”(page 403) during Hanukkah all of their moods are lifted up. So they all are a lot more kind to each other which is good because they're respecting each other instead of fighting. Also getting good memories during bad times, can help you have stronger faith. Which proves your the strongest when you're all together and positive.
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Edith's Ring

Edith Frank's wedding ring symbolizes her because it show that she is a faithful wife to her husband and also it show that she is committed to her family. She is always by Mr. Frank's side no matter what. She always tries to respect everybody even her children. Her and her husband trying to keep their family safe and together. Mrs. Frank is committed to her family and for their safety.