My Future Plans

By Reyna

Who Am I?

Left Brain Thinker

Although I am capable of using both the right and left side of my brain depending on the situation, I am most comfortable while using the left brain. That means that I am analytical, conservative and controlled. Because I am a left brain thinker, I could use more social skills, abstract thinking, and synthesizing.
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My Personality

#1 Green

I have a green personality type. I like to ask questions and search for answers. Because of this I have personality traits such as being logical, curious, strategic and intellectual. I dread being wrong publicly and always try and think before I talk to avoid it. I tend to be to the point and use logical facts when talking and don't care for small talk. I only pay attention to the main point and often miss body language because I'm so focused on what people are saying.

I Am Introverted

My communication style tends to be more introverted. I always wait for someone to approach me before starting a conversation and I never talk much. It means that I put a lot of thought into what I'm about to say, have a quiet tone, rarely use hand gestures, and dread talking to strangers.

Working with others

When I am working in a group, I tend to be the analyzer. That means I like to organize things and figure it out. This corresponds with my personality perfectly because I have a green personality, I am an introvert and I am left brained. To find out what kind of team member you are CLICK HERE!

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What Do I Want?

Budgeting My Life

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How Do I Get It?

College Admissions Exams

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School Daze

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My Highschool Graduation

Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 8am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

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