The Consumer Bill of Rights

The six rights and what they mean!

The First Right, the Right To Be Informed

The right to be informed says that when something happens regarding a product we bought, we must be told about it. The responsibility that we have to take on because of this is that when a product is recalled, we must take it back to the store we bought it from.

The Second Right, The Right To Choose

The right to choose says that you get to pick what you buy, and that you get lots of options. This means that you have to make smart and educated decisions about what you buy in stores.

The Third Right, The Right To Be Heard

This right allows consumers to voice complaints about products so that the company can handle the issue. This means you have to make responsible complaints and only complain when you have an honest one.

The Fourth Right, The Right To Education

This right says that consumers should be able to learn the skills needed to make informed choices about what they are buying. This means that you should make educated decisions on what to buy and why you are buying it.

The Fifth Right, The Right To Service

This right says that consumers deserve to be treated with respect and to expect courteous behavior, additionally they deserve good quality design in a product. This means you should respect the workers at a store as they respect you.

The Sixth Right, The Right To Safety

This right says that consumers cannot be harmed by products other than vehicles by following instructions that MUST be listed on the product.