Economic Goals & Values

Norway & Cabo Verde

How does the achievement of one of the economic goals impact/interfere with the success of other economic goals?

Economic freedom gives everyone the ability to make choices and fallow your dreams. in economic efficiency hoping that the resources you have will not go to waste.

The economic goals between Norway & Cabo Verde

The economic goals for Norway are what you would want to see out of any country. They are ranked number one in the world for the best economic system. They are that up on the list for many reasons. The first thing on their list is their people. They want the people to be taken care of. To make their people happy, they want them to work, which allows them to participate in the society and have dignity. They get payed well so they can pay their bills and get rid of their debt faster. They have access to knowledge and that will enhance the workers skills and potentials will ensure safety and right. The people in Norway have a decent standard for living and a long healthy life.

The economic goals for Cabo Verde are almost the complete opposite from Norway. there are no labor rights and cont take care of their people. most of the people that have families there don't actualley live there. they have jobs in Africa because the are so poor and have to get all their resources from other counties, they cant rely on them self. They are improving from where they were a couple years ago. They are ranked 122 out of 130, so they are one of the worst countries in the world but they are getting better and better each year.