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The Henry Ford Newsletter - End of the Year Edition

Librarian Angie Marchese

School Board Member Mr. Jesus "Jesse" Vela, Jr. Visit's Ford Library

Mr. Jesus "Jesse" Vela, Jr. came and read to 5th Grade students in the library Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul. The story he read was a about Dr. Ben Carson who came from a single parent family and was a struggling student. All this changed when his mother took him to the library as a 5th grader and he started reading books. Dr. Carson is a graduate of Yale University and retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon. He was the first surgeon to successfully separate Siamese twins joined at the back of the head. Mr. Vela encouraged all students to read and do their very best in school.

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Jungle Jim's Wild Encounters!

January 22nd Guinness World Record Holder, Jungle Jim, brought his collection of live Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arthropods along with a huge preserved Insect Collection to Ford Elementary Library!

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First Millionaire of Ford Elementary

Congratulations to Mariana Hernandez she was our first millionaire. Mariana is a 4th grader in Ms. Quezada's class. We are so proud of you Mariana!

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Tropic Star Park Winter Texan Clowns

Spring Into A Good Book! Tropic Star Clowns read to Pk - 2nd graders welcoming the first day of Spring.

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Ford Students Love F.R.E.D.

Dads came and read in the library with their child to celebrate F.R.E.D. (Fathers Reading Every Day) on February 12.

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Henry Ford Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Henry Ford Elementary was established Feb. 26, 1959. A new elementary school was built right next door in 2012. Henry Ford Elementary ribbon cutting reception for our new campus was held in the Ford Library on Feb. 16, 2015. Dr. King, school board members, the community and parents were invited to attend.

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4th Six Weeks Incentive

Students who reached their AR Goal for the 4th Six Weeks were rewarded with GAME DAY in the library. Computer games, horseshoe toss, bowling, and various board games were played.

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Author Lupe Ruiz-Flores Visits Ford Library

On March 5, 2015 Lupe-Ruiz Flores the author of six award-winning bilingual picture books came to Ford Library. Mrs. Flores read, explained how she became an author, and demonstrated to 3rd - 5th grade students the writing process.

One of her most famous books that children heard was Lupita's Papalote. Students entered a homemade kite decorating contest sponsored by the library.

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MARIA (Mothers Always Reading In April)

Ford mothers came to the library to help us celebrate "National Library Week." Moms read with their children and students were able to choose a free book to keep.

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Millionaire Readers Luncheon

Congratulations to Victoria Gutierrez and Christopher Diaz for becoming our AR Ford Millionaire Readers! Upon becoming millionaires they were given lunch with the principal, Mrs. Salinas, their teachers, Mr. J. Martinez and Mr. Ramos. (Please click on picture to the right.)

An end of the year luncheon from Luby's was held for Mariana Hernandez, Victoria Gutierrez, and Christopher Diaz the AR millionaire readers. Our principal, Mrs. Salinas and the librarian, Ms. Marchese joined them for this celebration. The End of the Year Awards Assembly also honored our AR Millionaires with trophies.

End of the Year Awards Assembly

Students were honored with trophies and medals for their AR accomplishments at our End of the Year Awards Assembly.

AR Century (Points 100+) Club Members

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

Leonardo Moreno, Francisco Gonzalez, Alexia Aguilera-Flores

Jose Quintanilla, Laydey Lozano Blanco, Kiara Cano

Jose Mariscal, Oscar Vasquez, Aidan Torres

Joshua Ortega, Analia Lozano, Madison Zuniga

Alyssa Herrera, Fabiola Villarreal, Christopher Serna

Isaiah Solis, Alex Avila, Misael Talavera

Jocelin Arias, Debahni de Anda-Muniz, Janelly Benavides

Christian Cardenas, Sabrina Garcia, Maria Garza

Camilla Munoz Alonso, Valeria Gutierrez, Samuel Garza

Noah Hernandez, Constantino Luna, Dannasol Hernandez

John Valdez, Brisa Gomez-Guerrero, Ethan Hernandez

Aidan Garza, Leah Richard

Isabella Hernandez, Hector Sanchez

Jaylen Morales, Isabella Tagle, Madison de Leon

Maria de Jesus, Destiny Palomo

4th, 5th Grade

Angela Gonzalez-Martinez, Navey Olivarez

Kenya Antuna, Christopher Diaz

Belinda Gutierrez-Casarey

Brian Rodriguez

Brisa de la Fuente

Camilla Garza Vasquez

Larissa Coronado

Zuleika Benavides-Ornelas

Itzamar Melendez

Reagan Salinas

Deyanira Tabura

Ayden Guzman

Kaylie Lozano

Maximo Moreno

AR Bicentennial (Points 200+) Club Members

Mariana Hernández

Victoria Gutierrez

Andrew Keefer

Americo Quintanilla

AR Super Reader (Word Count) Club Members

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

Joshua Ortega, Leydy Lozano Blanco, Kiara Cano

Isaiah Solis, Fabiola Villarreal, Estaban Guerra

Jocelin Arias, Alexa Avila, Christopher Serna

Christain Cardenas, Juan Cervantes, Aiden Torres

Camila Munoz, Debhani de Anda-Muniz, Madison Zuniga

Jaylen Morales, Joseph Garcia, Dominic Mercado

Aiden Garza, Sabrina Garcia, Michael Morales

Isabella Hernandez, Valeria Gutierrez, Misael Talavera

Noah Hernandez, Andrew Keefer, Janelly Benavides

John Valdez, Constantino Luna, Elizabeth Carreon

Destiny Olivarez, Madison de Leon

Aliza Valenciana, Maria Garza

Brisa Gomez-Guerrero, Samuel Garza

Sophia Lara, Dannasol Hernandez

Ethan Hernandez

Juan Ledezma

Jesus Ramos

Leah Richard

Hector Sanchez

Isabella Tagle

Maria de Jesus

Americo Quintanilla

Peace, Love, Read

Be a BRIGHT Summer Reader! PEACE, LOVE, READ will be our theme for next school year 2015-2016. Fill out the forms given to you at the end of the year (see our webpage for additional forms) and turn them in the first week of school to your librarian. Prizes will be given for top readers in every grade level at a special program in September.