By Tj 5WeWia

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What's wrong with the Belgium people? We have the most beautiful country in the world! But some people have the need to promote the medieval idea of one language, one country! There are some people and political parties who promote the idea of a separate Belgium. They want to make Flanders a independent country.

10 Reasons

  1. A division is too difficult.
  2. Too expensive.
  3. Brussels is the center and cannot be separated!
  4. Belgium is too important for Europe, we would have less power in the world.
  5. We are already too small.
  6. The national football team would be lot worse
  7. The Belgian economy would fall down.
  8. We would lose a lot of cultural heritage.
  9. We would have less tourists.
  10. In general, it would be a big loss for all people.
Belgisch volkslied - De Brabançonne lyrics

Tips to be a good Belgian!

  • Know the Belgium national anthem by hard!
  • Go to a football game of the Belgian red devils!
  • hang your Belgian flag frequently out!
  • Take a city trip to Brussels!
  • Go to a market square and sing loud our national anthem!
  • Read the newspaper 'metro', the only bilangual newspaper in Belgium!
  • Listen to Stromae!
  • Speak fluently Dutch and French!
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Last Change!

One of the only things, that keeps us more or less together, are the Belgium red devils! It's amazing to see French and Dutch speaking citizens together! Flemish and Walloons sing and support together a whole football match long! If Belgian citizens can do this why can't politicians work together? I hope that the Belgian selection for the word championship will give a positive vibe for the Belgian feeling which will result in a Belgian friendly election score!