"Panthera leo"

The King of the Jungle

The lion is one of four big cats. It is the second largest cat after the tiger.The lion is also our school mascot. This ferocious cat is great but it is also in the endangered species list.



Lions are mammals who have a soft golden fur. White lions have white fur hence the name. Female lions have a thin covering of fur

Male Lions:

  • Grow as tall as 5' 7"- 8' 2"
  • Shoulder height about 4 ft
  • Weigh about 330-550 lb.
  • Live up to 15 yrs. in wild
  • Live up to 30 yrs. in captive

Female Lions:

  • Grow as tall as 4' 7"
  • Shoulder height about 3 ft.
  • Weigh about 264-400 lb.
  • Live up to 15 yrs. in wild
  • Live up to 30 yrs. in captive


Food Chain and Habitat

Lions are carnivores, animals who eat other animals

  • Eat zebra, deers, buffalo, wildebeest, and even human
  • Find their food in large grasslands
  • Predators who also hunt birds, rhinos, hippos, elephant.
  • Their main predator is man.


  • Mainly found in Eurasia ranging from India to Greece
  • Also found in most of Africa
  • Live in savannah grasslands with a few scattered trees for shade
  • Found in prairies, semi-arid plains, and forests
  • Need hot climates to live in

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  • Powerful legs help running fast
  • Growls are warnings
  • Sharp claws and teeth used for ripping, tearing prey
  • Live in large groups for protections
  • Have great eye site for hunting
  • Hunt in large packs to catch more prey

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Reasons for Endangerement

Lions are recently found to be endangered. They are not too endangered but matters can get worse. The reason they are endangered is that their bones are a big source of trade and are in high demand. Lions are being hunted by humans in the African Safari. Virus's have also infected

90% of Africa's lions.


Critical Information

  • Lion population has dropped to almost 50%
  • Maybe as few as 20,000 lions left.

People are doing what they can. Asian lions are under strict protection by the Indian Government. More lions are captive in zoo's where they can live longer. You can help your school's mascot by donating a small amount of money to an organization that helps lions such as the Big Cats Initative by National Geographic. Each donation counts.




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