The Host

Stephenie Meyer


The souls are an alien race hat have taken over earth, and the people in it. There are very few humans left, those of which call themselves rebels. Every soul that arrives inserts itself into a human host and takes up the body that was once controlled by a human personality. In Wanderer's case, the host that she was assigned to is refusing to give up. Melanie is still very much alive, and Wanderer has to learn to deal with two separate minds instead of one. The seekers are trying to find the rest of the humans that Melanie was trying to survive with, using Wanderer to do so. Her job is to access Melanies memories to help find clues, and during that process, Wanderer learns to love the people that Melanie does. Melanie convinces Wanderer to go on a journey that could cost her everything, including her life. Will Wanderer switch sides, or end up giving up the people that she has developed a love for, knowing that they could never love her back?
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Melanie: Melanie Stryder is the human that Wanderer is chosen to host. Throughout the book, she proves to be a strong character, constantly fighting for a voice. Her and Wanderer slowly become closer as they're motives begin to match.

Wanderer(Wanda): Wanderer is the soul that's put into Melanie's body and is forced to face all her memories, dreams, thoughts, and feelings. She starts off on the side of her kind, but as Melanie reveals Wanda her reasons to live, those become Wanda's reasons too.

Jared: Jared Howe is Melanie's lover and best friend. Her memories with him are shown to Wanda, and it's hard for her not to fall in love with him too.

Jamie: Jamie Stryder is Melanie's beloved younger brother, that Melanie would do absolutely anything for. And just like Jared, Wanda begins to love Jamie even before they first met.

Ian: Ian O'shea is one of the humans that Wanda meets on her journey to find Jared and Jamie. An unlikely bond forms between the two that Melanie is not fond of at all.

Quotes from the book

“What was it that made this human love so much more desirable to me than the love of my own kind? Was it because it was exclusive and capricious? The souls offered love and acceptance to all. Did I crave a greater challenge?...Or was it simply better somehow? Because these humans hate with so much fury, was the other end of the spectrum that they could love with more heart and zeal and fire?” - Wanderer

This passage reveals that Wanda is finally figuring out what makes humans so special compared to the souls. The souls are accepting to all, loving to all, and there's never any conflict. The humans, she realizes, hate with such power and love just as fiercely and that's why she thinks it's better to love and be loved by humans.

About the Author

Stephenie Meyer was a stay home mother of three kids when she had a dream that she couldn't get out of her head. That's how she got the idea for her first novel Twilight in 2003. By 2008, three of her Twilight books were released and she then released The Host. Soon after, her final Twilight saga book came out. Her books are fiction, love-story inspired with a fantasy twist. Meyer was the best-selling author of 2008-2009.
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Is this the book for you?

The Host should be read by younger readers between the ages of 15-25. It's a little old for kids but a little too young for most people 30+. Teenagers will enjoy this book the most because of the love story and adventure involved.

My opinion: I would recommend this book to all teens my age because I loved it. It was really suspenseful and it kept you wondering the entire time. Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down until I was done.