Andrew Jackson

Chapter 14

Andrew Jackson Childhood

Andrew Jackson was born in March 15, 1767. Andrew was born in Waxhaws.

Andrew Jackson's childhood

Andrew Jackson supporters were the common people. "Andrew Jackson was the first modern president, because he was the first one who asserted that the president was not merely a member of the government's symphony: he was its conductor." said the people.

Andrew Jackson, Hero or Villain

I believe he was a Hero

Symbol and two sentence

I think he should be praised because f his experience in the War of 1812 when he defeated the British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Also because he was ruled very much like a king.

Paragraph (6-8 sentences) telling how well he did or did not promote democracy

I believe he did promote democracy by banks, giving more power to the common man, but breaking the constitution as well. Also by dedicated to powerful, radical, egalitarian ideals for white men. Its origins go back to the 1700's, and federalists of the 1780's and the 1790's, and from the Jeffersonian Republicans. Another cause was also out of social and economic changes of the early 19th century. This lead to the government policy of favoring centralized top down forms of economic development that aided men of means but deepened the inequality of others

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