SCHOOL'S (almost) OUT!

TCN Parents, Let's Meet!

Hi Friends!

School's just about out at TCN, and we wanted to meet one last time to wrap up the year. At the meeting, we'll talk about a couple things, then just wrap up.

  • After church at YEP.
  • Sunday, June 10.
  • Lunch provided if you RSVP (spring rolls, sandwiches, etc.).
  • Please RSVP to Ben just so we'll expect you.




@YEP after Church

Sunday, June 24th 2012 at 12pm

2300 International Blvd

Oakland, CA

Date is changed one week (again) later to June 24th! Come celebrate with us!



  • Check In: See how things are going into summer for families.

  • Relationship Buliding: see if there's any energy for one smaller activity of building relationships with parents, kids, or teachers. (we could just put it out there as something to think about. what is one thing we can do to build relationships with one other member of the TCN community? )

  • CELBEBRATE & EVALUATE: successes! utter failures! bold moves!

  • Next Year: New Leader? Continue to meet? Set a Date!


Please RSVP to me about food:

Spring Rolls / Sandwiches / ETC.

About 5 bucks cash would help too!