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ADAPTING to our new "normal"

“You have to find a way to respect these new boundaries [related to coronavirus], but still live the version of life you’re used to. That’s what life is, regardless of circumstance.”
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Bringing back more of our kids!

Next week all students will have the opportunity to be hybrid/in-person learning if they choose. It's been almost one year since we've been able to do & say this. It is so exciting!!
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Fully Vaccinated = No more Quarantine - if ALL of the following are true:

• The COVID-19 exposure was at least 14 days after their vaccination series was fully completed.

• The COVID-19 exposure was within 90 days of their final dose of the vaccination series.

• They do not currently have any symptoms of COVID-19.

• People who live or work in a health care or long-term care facility, have been vaccinated, and have a COVID-19 exposure should refer to guidelines for their situation.



Demand for vaccine far exceeds supply, and Minnesotans are encouraged to remain patient as more vaccine arrives in the weeks and months ahead. Minnesota is continuing to distribute vaccines using a phased approach to immunize for impact by focusing on populations with the highest risk of getting COVID-19, as well as those most at risk of severe illness and complications if they become infected.

In Minnesota, you are eligible now to get vaccinated if you are a:

  • Minnesotan age 65 or older

  • Health care worker

  • Long-term care resident or staff member

  • Prekindergarten through Adult Basic and Community Education school staff member, or contracted school staff member

  • Child care staff member at a licensed and certified child care center or program


  • Signing up for the Vaccine Connector is easy, safe and secure.

  • All Minnesotans 18 years of age and older should sign up, no matter their current vaccine eligibility status.

  • There will be no cost and no restricted time period for signing up.

  • Health insurance and personal identification forms are not required for signing up.

  • Go to to sign up.

  • Minnesotans unable to sign up online can have family or friends help them sign up online, or call 833-431-2053 for assistance signing up over the phone.

  • Translation is available by phone in all languages. Minnesotans can call the translation hotlines at 833-431-2053 and 651-318-0989 for assistance signing up over the phone.

  • All Minnesotans have to do to sign up is provide basic information such as contact information, demographic data, medical history, and employment to determine their eligibility based on state guidelines.

  • The State of Minnesota is committed to the equitable distribution of safe and effective vaccines for protection against COVID-19 and the Vaccine Connector form has included questions about gender identity, sexual orientation, race, cultural identification, and disabilities to help us track and measure equity and fairness throughout the vaccine distribution process. These questions do have the option to select “prefer not to answer” or “none of the above,” and selecting these answers will not prevent you from signing up for the Vaccine Connector.

What happens after I fill out the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector form?

As more vaccine becomes available, the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector will send you updates about your COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and opportunities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Minnesota.

In the months ahead as vaccine supply increases, the Vaccine Connector will help Minnesotans know where a vaccine is in the state, find out when they are eligible to get it and connect them to a vaccine opportunity near them — no matter where they live or their personal circumstances. Before and after you are vaccinated, it’s important to continue to take simple steps to slow the spread of illness by wearing a mask, staying 6 feet away from others, washing your hands, and staying home whenever possible

For more information, please visit

The Vaccine Connector is open to all Minnesotans. Please feel free to share this information with your family, friends, and others who may be interested.

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