November 25 Scotsman's Valley

We plan to leave Tauranga by 9.00 & have a comfort stop in Matamata, before travelling on to Scotsman's Valley.

The Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum is a former quarry, transformed into a 17.5 hectare arboretum with more than 20,000 trees from around the world. The rehabilitation started in 1991. Along the 2 km long nature trail are more than 100 sculptures and installations within one of New Zealand's largest outdoor galleries . All sculptures are NZ made, some tell thought-provoking NZ stories.

Sustainability of nature and art are the driving forces of the park. Formed from derelict land, its trees are now protected long-term for carbon sequestration. The park promotes sustainable creative inspiration.

The park is a not-for-profit environmental and cultural enterprise that provides visitors with an intriguing walk that sparks creative ideas for all ages. This art-in-nature experience aims to inspire imaginations, nourish inquisitive minds, and provide for creative learning in an accessible wilderness environment.


Beautiful artwork, amazing trees and a great place to wander around.

February 16

This was a lovely walk through changing vistas with many great surprises and highlights in both artworks and trees. Well worth doing and so glad we made the effort.

January 5

Great place to visit and relax and see all the sculptures and walk around the gorgeous grounds x

Semi-Guided-Tours for Groups

Arrival: Bus parking is available and there is room for 40 cars

Visitors are greeted under the roof of the Artists’ Shelter where there are chairs and


The ½ hour introduction includes a brief background of the rehabilitation of the

former quarry, the planting design, the Permanent Forest Sink initiative under the

ETS, and the background to the sculpture collection

Chat and Q&A session at the rock garden

Health and safety briefing is included

Tea, coffee, and biscuits provided/ picnicking welcome

Visitors utilise our recyclable guides for interpretation of sculptures and trees, along

with a map of the park, for their 2km walk along the art-in-nature trail.

As this is rehabilitation for a former quarry, the terrain is difficult for some people to

walk the entire way.. For visitors in the group who have mobility constraints, options

for accessing more than 2/3rds of the park can be provided.

Most groups would spend 1 ½–2 hours---we are flexible if your group wishes to stay longer

So feel free to pack your own picnic to further enjoy your time here

Big picture


COST: $65.00pp. (Includes door-to-door transport & Arboretum charges.)

To be paid prior to the day to account 01 0322 021 4423 00 or on the day in an envelope on which you have placed your name.

Bring a picnic if you wish!