Ziggy, the Zany Charmer

at Austin Pets Alive!

My name is Ziggy and I love to entertain you with my squeaky toys

I'm a smart boy and I learn fast!

One look at Ziggy, and you'll find yourself in love with that beautiful spotted nose.

On second look, you might notice that he has a limpy front leg. We're not really sure what happened to it, but it doesn't slow him down one bit! We're working on a plan to get him feeling better with some physical therapy and TLC. To do physical therapy, he hugs his foster like a person standing up, and she does rotations with his upper left leg.

Ziggy is a good name for Ziggy. He is zany, but in a funny and charming way. He's bouncy and smiley and just really happy. His foster mom gives him carrots to chew on. He doesn't know what to do with them, so he throws them around the room and chases them. It's fun to watch.

He will bring you his toys, plop down next to you and chew them. Ziggy loves his toys and is great at playing. He loves to squeak his toys and is very grateful for anything you give him.

Ziggly loves to howl whenever the emergency sirens sound off. He wants to help those who help others. He's also quite popular with the neighbor dogs. They try to get his attention and bark when he leaves! He has a lot of charm.

He enjoys going on walks and is learning that he's not a sled dog. He's so excited to get out into the sunshine with you that he pulls a bit. He's a smart boy and is learning fast though. He already knows "sit" and "patience."

If you walk away from him in the yard while he's distracted, he will race back to you at top speed! This sweet and social guy wants to be by your side at all times.

If you could use a gentle kiss on the chin at the end of the day, Ziggy might just be the dog for you. Affectionate, smart and just a bit silly -- Ziggy is waiting to meet you!

I will make you laugh and be your best companion!

Oh please, won't you take me home? I want to eat, play, love and learn with you!

Male, American Bulldog Mix, 55 pounds

Age: 2 years, 2 months

Adoption Donation:$50.00


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