Digital Citizenship

May, 2016

"Digital Citizenship not only teaches students the etiquette involved in being a smart and effective participant in a digital world, but it empowers and equips students with essential life tools to help them navigate challenging digital-based situations." Salima Hudani
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"With the rise in awareness of such digital behavior as cyberbullying, inappropriate photo posting, and other regrettable or even dangerous web activity, it's never been more important to teach kids how to behave with integrity, empathy and self-awareness online." Meagan Dorsch

Activity and Lesson Resources

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Brent and Oak Point Elementary Resources

BrainPOP Jr. Video

Digital Citizenship Survival KitDigital Footprints

Netsafe Utah - multiple videos divided by ages K-3 and 4-6-preview before showing

PBS Webonauts

  • K-3 Videos: What is the Internet?, What is personal information?, Be Kind Online, and Tell and Adult
  • 4-6 Videos: CyberBullies are No Fun, What is Personal Information? Online Friends, Talk to an Adult You Trust, and Posting Pictures Online.

AT&T Internet Safety Connection-Elementary Stnts Safety Land Game
Michelle Spark's Wonderful Smore
9 Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

ISTE: 9 Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship

"In classrooms where digital citizenship is taught effectively, the teachers often share two things in common: They model ethical technology use for their students on a daily basis, and they naturally incorporate conversations about it whenever technology is part of their lesson plan. In other words, they weave digital citizenship seamlessly throughout their curriculum." Nicole Krueger