Captain Reformer Roosevelt

Railroad Regulation and Meat Ministration

Evil Nemisis- Taft the Terrible

Roosevelt handpicked Taft to carry out his legacy, however William did the exact opposite of this. Disliked and considered to be terrible by Roosevelt and most Americans, Taft did not care what people thought about him. These actions angered Roosevelt the most:

1) He ripped a hole in the government's antitrust net by violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act

2) He pressed an antitrust suit against the US Steel Corporation

3) Signed the Payne-Aldrich Bill

4) Ballinger-Pinchot quarrel

5) He split the Republican Party

Roosevelt responded to this by telling the Republican Party that he would run for a third term; when he lost out in the election, there was nothing he could do to stop what Taft had done.

Upton Sinclair

Sinclair published The Jungle, which revealed unsanitary food products to the public. It described the filth and disease that took place in slaughterhouses. Roosevelt was greatly admired when he payed attention to the issue and created the Meat Inspection Act of 1906, which promised inspected and sanitary meat to the public.