Leslie (Jimmy) Hudson

Extra! Extra! Read All About Me!

Module 1

My name is Leslie Hudson but everybody calls me Jimmy. I answer to both names, however, I prefer to be called Jimmy.

I am currently a 5th Grade teacher in Bonner, Montana. Prior to teaching in the USA I lived and worked as a teacher in Jamaica. Both experiences have been truly wonderful.

I enjoy playing soccer, hunting, and hanging out with my son, Frankie.

I enrolled in this course to expand my knowledge of the endless possibilities with the iPad as a teaching and learning tool. I hope to logout (walk away) with many new skills and strategies to empower students and make their learning fun, meaningful, varied, and engaging.

Currently, I use technology in the classroom in a few different ways. Firstly, I have a class website where students and parents can visit to learn about homework assignments and other school related activities. Also, I use a document camera, smart board, laptops for differentiated learning, and an iPad.

One activity my students enjoy doing on the iPad is making tutorial videos covering topics and concepts that we have done in class. I would like to learn more ways in which this tool can be integrated even more into the classroom to further improve student learning.

One fun fact about me is that I like fixing complicated things. For example, I 'll take apart several broken electronic devices and try to make one work by swapping out parts. It doesn't always workout but I like a challenge. Also, I like ice-fishing.

Other tidbits