Press Release

Discovery of Nuclear Fusion as Energy

We beat the Chinese to the greatest Discovery in Energy!

I am Cooper ******, & I am from Enderman Laboratory. We have safely discovered a way to create energy from harnessing the power of atoms through Nuclear Fusion.

How it produces Energy

At our state of the art facility we produce energy through nuclear fusion. You may know Nuclear Fission- where energy is created from splitting two heavy atoms by slamming a nuclei into an atom at high speeds. Here at our labs we create energy by combining- or fusing, two light atoms through intense pressure and temperature.

Safety Concerns

SAFETY is our #1 Priority- Please know we take the best precautions to keep our Employees and Community safe. As you know, the danger with nuclear fission is a chain reaction that creates a nuclear bomb. Here at the labs our scientists utilize powerful magnets to control the energy and thick walls on our Nuclear reactors.

Economic Impact

Here at Enderman Laboratory we work hard to ensure the energy produced is economically sound for you. For years the world has seen a decrease in energy sources. It usually costs $5,339/kW every day to run our facility.