Lion Pride @ Surrey Hills

Definition of Pride: King's Gate Family

Great Beginnings!

Wow! What a fabulous 2017-2018 school start we have had for our elementary school! We love our new space, teachers and friends. Learning through discovery is seen everywhere!

First grade is learning about communities and the differences between urban, suburban and rural communities and putting the information into their interactive notebooks. Second grade is learning about landforms, and soon they will create edible landforms! In music, third grade reviewed whole notes and worked on learning the pentatonic scale. In art, the fourth graders, continued their study of the Alhambra, more specifically the tessellations that adorn the walls of the palace and what a tessellation is before they created their own simple tessellations using a square as the geometric "base." Fifth graders are increasing their vocabulary using Word Wisdom and creating Google Slides to illustrate their vocabulary words. In Service Learning, sixth graders are working on their next skit on courage. They were also seen passing out compliments to others in the school. Everywhere you look, wonderful learning is happening!


Thursday, 10/12, 4pm-8pm Chipotle Fundraiser at 14221 N. Penn - 50% back to KG

Participate in Gala Basket Contest by bringing the following items:

  • item for your child's class basket
  • book for all-school book basket

Once the items are brought, the student gets to put a disco ball on our display. The class with the most participation will win a pizza and dance party!

Email Veterans Pictures to Shenae Nicholson at Do you have a family member who is or who has served in the military, please email a picture and it will be a part of our Veteran's Day slide show.

Turn in Box Tops! The class with the most wins a pizza party. (Can you tell our students LOVE pizza!) This is an easy way to raise funds for our school.

Want to help the teachers? You can schedule a time to make copies or prepare materials to assist our teachers. To schedule a time, you can email Shenae Nicholson.

Lion Pride Assemby

You Are Invited

Our students have Lion Pride Assembly every Friday at 2:30PM. Parents are invited each Friday. If your child has a class showcase or is receiving a monthly character award, we will email you so you can make plans to attend. Our character trait for this month is courage.

We are going to honor Veterans at our Lion Pride assembly on Friday, Nov. 3rd, 2:30PM. If you have a family member who has or is serving in the military, you can email a picture to Shenae Nicholson at to add to our slideshow. Also, you can invite them to join us so we can honor them that day. We are having Veteran's Day assembly a week early because Veteran's Day will be the day of our Gala.