Brasilia,Brazil has been filled with many wonders and mysteries.Now it's your turn to find them and enjoy them!

Brasilia's Cuisine!

You can't miss a chance at Brasilia's amazing food.Eat food with the perfect methods and techniques.For example, want a fast light meal in the morning? Enjoy buttered bread,fruit, and coffee.Then chill out and have a nice long lunch.Later get a tasty snack just before dinner,there are so many varieties!Remember to take every chance you get to take a bite of their awesome meals!

What Does Brasilia Not Have?

Brasilias Culture and Arts!

Music and arts basically came from their ancestors.So, be sure to listen to fun music all the way from the past! Remember to experience the dramatic paintings from the early europeans.Guess what!They have holidays that they can realate to.Who knows maybe you can too!You can probaly tell that music and dance is their life!Relive the past with their music,dance, and famouse art!

What To Do at Brasilia

So much to do includes swimming,hiking ,and carnival!Your whole family would love the beaches.Also, visit the National Park it's beautiful.Then go swim your heart out,hike till you can't walk,and surf the huge waves!But don't forget to get your party on CARNIVAL is here!Oh, swimming,hiking,CARNIVAL, oh my!

Brasilias Landmarks and Sights

All of the different buildings and places for hanging out are all so glorious!Look at homes,buildings,churches,and other structures.Guess's portugese influence!For example the Rio de Janiero-it's known as the capital of the world.Or the famouse landmark for hiking- the Cachoeira Veu de Novia.Then go explore the wanders of Cidade de Pedra, a big stucture of rocks.So, make sure to visit places like these.You'll never see anything like them!

Language in Brasilia

So many different languages, but you better know portugese!Better learn portugese because Brazil is the only latin aamerican country to where portugese is the national language.Wow!Almost 100% of its population speaks portugese.But it's okay because they do have other languages!As long as you know one of these your fine: Guyana,English,French Guyana,Spanish,Creole, and Suriname Dutch.Remember to bring your portugese translater! I know that you will have a blast learning new languages!

What is the Weather Like in Brasilia?

In Brasilia there are all different kinds of weather it just depends where you are.If you like humid and rainy weather the north is perfect for you!Go to the coastline if you enjoy hot weather with little rain.Hot and wet in the summer, dry and cool in the winter,visit the central regions.But if you love snow and frost the south is where you should go!Still don't know where to go?Try every place you just might like every single one in its own way!

Brasilia is Magical!


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