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The Iron woman/ The Iron-E by Daronae Grimes

Iron woman/ The Iron-E

Iron woman acquired her power to build almost anything from iron when she was involved with a radioactive explosion. She uses her power to build weapons and things like bridges, ect.

Periodic table information on Iron (Fe)

The symbol for Iron is Fe. The number of protons and electrons iron has is 26, the average mass number for iron is 52.

3 Characteristics of Iron

Important uses of Iron

The roles of Iron

One use of iron is its role in the human body, it is one of the most critical needed elements in the human body. Another common use is for the making of automobiles ,tools and machinery. Another important use of iron is its ability to cure anemia.

Strengths/ Weaknesses of The Iron-E

One strength Iron-E has is the ability to cure people with anemia because she possesses high amounts of iron. Another strength would be her ability to build things like automobles and bridges. One weakness would be that she will drown in water because iron is not soluble.