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Keeping confidentiality while sending emails to teachers

I found a cool little trick to pass on.

Earlier this year Eric asked us not to send a mass email to an entire building that includes names and information about special education students. This breaks student confidentiality because information is going to staff that do not need it. However, it takes awhile to look up all the teachers of a student to send individual emails. I found a little trick using infinite campus that will let us send a message to all the teachers of a student without looking them all up and then entering the names in an email.

Here we go!

  1. Log on to infinite campus and search the student.
  2. Go to the schedule tab.
  3. Above the schedule is a list of stuff; you want to click on "scheduling messenger"
Big image
4. At "enter filter criteria" change the "sections" drop down from "modified today" to "all sections. This way the teachers' names will show up.
Big image
5. Be careful to pick only the teachers you want to send it to. Don't hit "select all" unless you really mean it. I saw Denny Wulf in there- he may not really want to see your message.
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6. For some reason this is a schedule change template. So just change the message subject and delete the stuff in the message and create your own message.
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7. Now you can upload something if you want. Then hit send. Congrats your email went to all the student's teachers that you chose.
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What next?

Just a friendly reminder that now might be a good time to touch base with teachers about your students and their accommodations. Using this messenger might be one way to do that. The teachers have had a chance to get to know their students. Looking at the accommodations now might stick more than it did before school started when they didn't know the students. I have attached a document that might help teachers organize accommodations by class period. This document has been around awhile so teachers may already be using it.
Class info sheet

Teachers can use this to organize accommodations by class periods.

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Coming Up...

I will be sitting down with Elizabeth Winjum in the near future to write some generic aimsweb goals that we can all use as we write our own goals. Be looking for them in your inbox soon.