Auto Breakdown

Maintenance Repair Needed

Solve Mechanical Breakdown

Situation: You have just completed a course in basic automotive training. You are confident that the training was beneficial and found at an oil change place near home. You and your friends went out for a night of bowling and on your way home your friends call you on the cell phone stating that their vehicle has broken down and knowing that you are trained in automotive repair, request your immediate assistance to help them get home. They state that the engine just quit shortly after they left the bowling alley. They recently got an oil change at the garage you just got hired on as a mechanic. They can see oil leaking from under the engine. You recommended the place because it’s where you just got hired on as an oil change mechanic.

Problem Solving Rubric

Determined what caused the breakdown.

Did you to call a tow truck, or attempt to fix yourself.

Got a Cab for friends or let them stay there until it was repaired or towed.