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Term 3, Week 6, 31st August 2022

At Waipawa we value:

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Kia ora koutou,

Today Waipawa Primary entered a whopping 15 teams of Rippa Rugby players into the CHB tournament. We talk lots about "opting in" and it is so pleasing to see 130 Room 4-12 children 'opt in' today. I have no doubt everyone will 'empty their tank' and do their very best on and off the field. A huge thanks to parents who are helping us out with the teams today - thank you.

The weather has really upset our cross country preparation. We did however manage to get 5 House runs under our belts. When we do these House runs the children do a mixture of sprinting, running, jogging and walking. They enjoy it and are happy to do it. Over the next week we will have our two cross countries. I really hope all children will participate. They do during our House runs and there is little difference. Please encourage (or strongly encourage) your child to take part and don't give them an easy out!

HERO is our student management system and our number one form of electronic communication. One of the best features are the simple surveys or permission slips. It makes it way more efficient for us than paper forms. Please get on HERO if you haven't already.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Very shortly we will be deciding the number of out of zone enrolments we have for 2023. In order to do this with a degree of certainty, we need to know the number of in-zone students we have for 2023. If you have a child due to start in 2023 and have not yet enrolled them, can you please contact the school office asap. Thank you!

Ngā mihi nui,

Paul Jamieson

CROSS COUNTRY - Friday 2 September 2:00pm

Kākano, Room 1, Room 2, Room 3

The Cross Country event for children in Kākano, Room 1, Room 2, and Room 3 will take place this Friday 2 September. The first race will begin at 2:00pm. We are running boys and girls together.

Whānau and spectators are free to watch from anywhere on the course. We do ask that you stay away from the start line. The finish line will be on the old turf area outside of the classrooms.

Race 1: 7/8 year olds - 1000 metres

Race 2: 6 year olds - 900 metres

Race 3: 5 year olds - 800 metres

CROSS COUNTRY - Tuesday 6 September 11.45am

Rooms 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

The Cross Country Event for children in Rooms 4-12 will be taking place next Tuesday 6th September at Coronation Park. The first race will be at 11:45am. We are running boys and girls together. We anticipate there will be about 20 minutes between races.

Whanau and spectators are free to watch from anywhere on the course. The great thing about Coronation Park is you can pretty much stand in one spot and view the whole race.

Race 1: 9 and under - 1500 metres

Race 2: 10/11 year - 2000 metres

Race 3: 12 and over - 2500 metres

The top 4-6 runners from each gender may then be selected for the team to go to the CHB Cross Country event in week 8.

Relationships and Sexuality Education

For the last 4 years Term 3 has been the term when Waipawa Primary has focused on Relationships and Sexuality Education. Relationships and Sexuality Education sits within the Health and Physical Education strand of the New Zealand Curriculum and is compulsory up until Year 10. Parents and caregivers have the right to withdraw their children from these lessons.

At Waipawa Primary School, we use the resource Navigating the Journey: Relationship and Sexuality Education from the New Zealand Family Planning resource. This resource clearly aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum. ERO (Education Review Office) have also put out a series of documents from reviews conducted and we use these to guide us as well.

I've included links to two documents that may be of use to some of you; one from New Zealand Family Planning and one from ERO.

Navigating the Journey - for parents, caregivers and whānau


ERO - Sexuality Education - Information for Whanau


Before teachers take a lesson they will inform you of the learning outcome of the lesson and on occasions teachers will also follow up after a lesson. If you don't want your child to take part in a particular lesson or any lessons then you just need to let them know.

Staff received training last year and new staff will be supported by existing staff. However the programme is structured so there is little room for error or deviation. We feel over the last three years Relationships and Sexuality Education has had a positive effect in our school. The overall aim of Relationships and Sexuality Education is to help everyone develop the skills, attitudes and understanding necessary to share a positive environment at school that is welcoming for everybody. We're certainly striving to achieve that!

At the start of Term 4 we will consult with our community around our Health Curriculum. This will be your chance to express your views on our Health Curriculum and in particular Relationships and Sexuality Education. As I said earlier it is compulsory so the consultation is more around how it is delivered and to what extent.

Celebrating Students


Well done to William Foster and Harry Kittow who have been chosen to represent CHB in the Wakeley Shield tournament.

LOOK What we have been up to ...

Room 12 have started an experiment looking to see if seeds need soil in order to grow. We have planted three varieties of bean to see if this is the case.
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This week we wish the following students Happy Birthday:- Lauren, Georgia Mc, Sonny-Bill, Ben E, River, Leo, Sela and Robbie

Please come to the school office on Friday at lunchtime to receive your free juicy.

Waipawa Primary School 2022 Board of Trustees Election

All eligible voters will have received voting papers in the mail. Voting papers will need to be returned to the Ballot Box held in the school office by Wednesday 7th September 2022. If you are returning your voting papers by post - please ensure that they reach the school by 12 September 2022. Emailed or faxed voting paper WILL NOT be accepted.

Sue England

Returning Officer

Guitar Lessons

Every Friday Sam Oosterkamp will be taking guitar lessons at Waipawa Primary School. Sam's lessons will focus on teaching students the skills they need to either start playing guitar or to further enhance their ability to play guitar.

Sessions start at $25 per half hour for 1 : 1 coaching.

Or group coaching up to 3 children per half hour session at $15 per half hour.

To book a session please email samthedesigner71@gmail.com

If you are late, you are going to an appointment, you have been to an appointment or a student is away from school.

Please sign in or out on the Vistab in the school office if you are late or are leaving school for any reason during the school day. Parents please remind your children that they need to do this as if we have an evacuation or lockdown we need to know where everyone is.

If your child is not attending school for any reason please make contact with either the school office or the classroom teacher by phone, using the Hero App or Seesaw. Relying on siblings to inform us often doesn't work.


Do you have any old pairs of Jeans that you could donate to the Tech Centre for a recycling unit ? They can be in any condition, any size and the more the merrier as they will need 350 odd pairs. If you can help these can either be dropped off to the Tech Centre the School Office or just put them in the school letter box. Thank you.

Whānau & Friends (PTA)


The eldest child in each family has received a book of 10 raffle tickets for families to sell. This wonderful raffle will be drawn on 21st September 2022. Please return your tickets to the school office by Monday 19th September.
More tickets are available from Wendy Sheehan, please contact Wendy on 021 631039.

Please return any unsold tickets to the school office so these can be distributed.

You can pay by cash to the school office or by depositing the money into the Whanau & Friends bank account number: 03-0779-0009817-000. Please make one deposit for each book sold not every ticket and use your child's surname as a reference please. All proceeds will go to Education Outside the Classroom - Bus hire.

If you have tickets that you are unable to sell please send these back to school so that others may sell.

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Whanau & Friends Fundraiser 2022 Calendar Art

Every student has completed a piece of Art Work that can be turned into a Calendar, set of 8 Cards, Diaries, Mouse Mat or a Sketch Pad. If you would like to upload a photo you can also do this. These make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Order forms have been given out by class teachers, additional order forms are available from the school office.
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Waipawa School Term Dates 2022

Term 3: Monday 25th July to Friday 30th September

Teacher Only Day: Friday 26 August

Term 4: Monday 17th October to Thursday 15th December

Teacher Only Day: Friday 18 November & Friday 16th December

Public Holidays: HB Anniversary Day 21st October, Labour Day 24th October

Calendar Events

  • Week 6: 31 August - Rippa Rugby Tournament
  • Week 6: 1 September - Yr 8's to Sports Park
  • Week 6: 1 September - Barefoot Sevens Rugby Tournament
  • Week 6: 2 September - Kākano, Rms 1-3 Cross country
  • Week 7: 6 September - Rms 4-12 Cross country
  • Week 7: 9 September Fish & Chip Friday for Kakano to Room 7
  • Week 8: 15 September - CHB Cross Country
  • Week 8: 16 September Fish & Chip Friday for Rooms 8 to 12
  • Week 9: 20 September - School Photos
  • Week 9: 23 September - Switch Gala Day Netball
  • Week 10: 28 September - Ngati Whai Festival
  • Week 10: 30 September - Yr 7 Inspiration Day
  • 30th September: LAST DAY OF TERM 3

Contact Details

Have we got the correct details for your Whanau?
Have you moved house?

Changed your phone number?

Changed your email address?

Want to delete or add a new contact?

Is there a new medical condition we need to know about?

Please email Sue at office@waipawa.school.nz to update your details or to check and see what details we have.

CHB College enrolments for 2023 Parents of Year 8 Students

If your child is intending to enrol at CHB College could you please complete the enrolment form online through the CHB College website as soon as possible. The College is currently taking enrolment appointments for next year's Year 9 Students. It is important that enrolments are completed prior to students sitting the Entrance exam which is due to take place on Friday 11th November. (Further information on the entrance exam will be sent out to you nearer the time.). The link is http://www.chbc.school.nz/


Touch registrations will be out in a couple of weeks so if your child wants or is interested in playing watch out for the interest form on Hero.


Thank you to Centralines for their donation for sports gear. We have purchased Hockey Goalie Gear and a sports bag to store and transport the gear. Your support of our school is appreciated.

STARTING SCHOOL : 4 Year Old Mornings

- These take place in Kākano Class - the Hall from 8:40am until 12:00pm every Friday morning unless there has been prior notification. Please come to the office first and meet Sue England.

- We find 4 visits before starting school is usually sufficient. However, if your child requires more we would be in close communication with you.

- Whanau are welcome to stay for the first visit and leave when the child / parent feels comfortable. Subsequent visits we ask that parents be brave and leave so that the child experiences what school is like.

- Please pack a snack for brainfood (fruit, sandwich, muesli bar) and something for morning tea.

- Children can wear mufti clothing or school uniform if they have it available.

Please don't hesitate to pop in and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Jess Stewart and Karena Finch


Pure Sports & Leisure

Pure Sports & Leisure, Ruataniwha Street, Waipukurau will provide all Waipawa Students with a 10% discount off sports equipment & items. All you need to do is to inform them that you are from Waipawa School. This as an incentive to get more kids outdoors & into sports.

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possumsmasher@windowslive.com T: 021 280 2988

Rural Pest Services Ltd is going to carry out possum control in the following areas starting from
1 July 2022 through to the 30 May 2023 on the following Rivers from the boundary fence or stop banks to near the river edges. This has been an ongoing operation in conjunction with the Hawkes Bay Regional Council since 2006.


All toxic material will be dyed green/blue.
Warning signs will be displayed at all access points into the operational area when work is in progress and will remain in place until toxin caution periods have expired.

The following baits and poisons will be put in bait stations on trees and fence posts:

  • Pestoff (Brodifacoum) in cereal pellet

  • Double Tap (Cholecalciferol and Diphacinone) in cereal pellet (to be used in and around DOC areas)

  • Feratox (Potassium Cyanide) in pellets will be added to some of these bait stations in areas where permission has been granted by MOH.

    This will be an ongoing process with the bait stations being refilled every 12 months with the above products.

All baits are poison and are harmful to humans, especially young children. Do not allow children to wander unsupervised into the areas that have baits laid in them. Be vigilant especially if accompanied by young children.

Because of risk of poisoning from baits and carcasses please keep dogs and other animals under control and do not allow them to wander into or near these areas.

Maps of the area can be viewed via this link:


If you require any further information please contact
Operations Manager: Jake Bowcock - 021 280 2988

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Foodscapes * Passing the Knowledge -

Hawke’s Bay 29 - 30th October 2022

A smorgasbord of workshop tasters to encourage and inspire you to take on a different way of living for yourself, your family and your neighbours.

Central Hawke’s Bay is welcoming an exposition festival, Foodscapes, showcasing amazing experts in the field of sustainable growing and preserving, regenerative farming and biodiversity, that will include a wide variety of workshops demonstrations, short documentaries, and an opportunity to engage in the field hands on.

* Register for the full weekend with up to nine workshops, four keynote speakers, and a tour around six local sustainable gardens and regenerative farms. From garden to plate, delectable food will be available throughout the day.

* Watch, listen and get involved with the experts and talented green fingers as they share their vast knowledge in everything from distilling, pickling, sustainable waste management. On the Sunday, be prepared to get your hands dirty as you tour local regenerative farms, lavender gardens, marae to explore ancient traditions, and more interactive hands-on experience.

For full details on each workshop and garden and farm trail, visit

Ticket type: Full Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, includes access to register for 9 workshops on the Saturday, as well as register for 6 Sundays Exploratory Garden and Farm Trails.

Ticket type: Saturday afternoon only includes access to amazing keynote speakers, short films from Happen Films NZ and opportunity to participate in the Foodscapes Art Mural.
There will also be local producers selling their products as well as food and drink options throughout the day.

Our Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/FoodScapesCHB/

Our Instagram Page is https://www.instagram.com/foodscapeschb/

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Between The Lines Festival for 2022

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