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Plastic Injection Part and Custom Plastic Molding in China

Injection molding plays an extremely important role in modern industrial processes. Plastic Injection Part Also molds play a very important role in the mold industry.

The proportion of injection molding in the import and export reaches 50% to 60% of the years. It becomes a comprehensive science more and more understanding of polymers and process of making molds of various parameters and change more and deeper understanding. The design of the new plate comes into step as a means of quantifying and computer simulation based. As compared with the injection mold CAD / CAM design and traditional techniques, not only the quality, speed and accuracy, but imetody molds and productivity is a significant step forward. China mold factory can supply kinds of plastic mold for Features forms: high precision, long life, short term, service.

The sub-sector of the machinery consists of manufacturers of machines and ancillary equipment used for the manufacture of a wide range of plastic products by means of a wide range of different processing technologies. The main processes of manufacturing plastic products by packaging, construction and automotive as well as a more modest use in electrical and electronic components, furniture and a wide range of other applications.

Most molding sub-sector companies specialize in their product category; although some firms manufacture of build a single mold meet the needs of the end customer. The same machine to produce a wide range of plastic products by simply replacing the mold can be used. In many cases, the mold belongs to the transformer plastics. In other cases, it is the end customer and is supplied to the transformer plastics under a contractual agreement for the manufacture of parts at a custom molding. Custom injection molding is the production of plastic components using custom design of plastics. The price varies depending on the nature of the project, but by custom injection molding is generally more expensive than the use of standardized components.

For custom injection molding, a mold is made for a specific purpose, casting a particular car part. The client also specifies the characteristics of the tolerance to cold and heat, and color. A model will be made with the mold to make sure it works, then the plastic company can start a production cycle, limiting the race for the number of cheaper with mass production, the production cost of the mold and the formulation of the plastic is the same with a party or a million parts.